Boda Lite - Multivendor/Multitechnologies Network Management Tool (CM, PM and more)

UPDATE: Please read this note here: Boda Lite - Multivendor/Multitechnologies Network Management Tool (CM, PM and more)
You can still use Boda Lite, but it’s important to know that.

Hi all,

Before simply installing BODA, it is highly recommended that you take a look at the project:

What is the Project?

The project goal is to develop an open source multi-vendor and multi-domain network management tool as well as establish best practices and procedures through collaboration among telecommunication experts. The effort is led by a team of experts from the TelecomHall community.
The tool will handle configuration management, performance management, fault management, Geo-location, cell traces, etc… for all telecommunication domains (RAN, Core, Transport, etc).

Read more: Open Source Telecom Project - Tools and Best Practices

Download Links

And you can continue here, with Installation Links:

Below are the links to download Boda-Lite 0.5.2.

Minimal Requirements
To run Boda Lite, you need to have the following minimum requirements:

  1. 4GB RAM Memory (Althougth it’s recommended 16GB - or at least 8 GB)
  2. 5GB Hard Disk space. (More space will be required depending on your network size)
  3. 64-bit OS
  4. JAVA is installed

Log in Credentials
password: password


  • If you are currently on 0.4.5, run database upgrade by going to settings > database > Setup database > Upgrade.
  • For versions 0.4.1 and earlier, you will need to re-run the database setup after installation so that the changes to the database can take effect: Troubleshooting Boda Lite




Recent changelog:

  • Add LNRELG, PM, and TOP MOs to Nokia CM list


  • Add missing Nokia CM managed objects


  • Add simple report creation query assistant


  • Fix bug in KML Generator
  • Add baseline configuration upload with excel file


  • Checks if Java is installed
  • Fixes bug in KML Generator causes endless run of small files


  • Adds parsing of Huawei MOTree XML CM dumps
  • Fixes bug in importing TEMS file with LTE data, in GIS module
  • Fixes crashing of app when edit option is clicked on inbuilt reports


  • Fixes bug in Ericsson BulkCM parser; updates it to 2.2.5


  • Adds KML Generator Utility. This takes a csv or excel file as input and allows you to easily generate KML cell files.
  • Fixes bug with database setup
  • Updates Nokia RAML relation queries

Previous releases: please contact developers.



Great Work @Emmanuel

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You too @Murali


Thank you!

It is a fabulous tool, great job, you made my life easier.


Good Job, Lets keep it ON.

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a question please.
is there any document showing how use the tool functionalities, for example I want to use the option of baseline audit, but I don’t know how to proceed.



Very useful. Thanks

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Thanks, Three thousand…

Thank you man :slight_smile:

Thank you guys, the tool is really amazing. I can get multivendor CM dump parsed like a charm.



thank you. it is helpfull.


Hi I already installed the Boda light but I could connect to the data base

I need help on Boda lite

Hello dears

I’m fresh in RF field.
Can anyone explain the purpose of this app please?

Hello dears

GIS in Boda Lite is no longer being supported.
Reason: no user contributed to github, never, so we realize there was no demand. It makes no sense to build something “together alone”. :slight_smile:

Also, DATABASE (and reporting) functions are also no longer supported on Boda Lite.

As well as the roadmap.

Be aware, however, that the free version available is working perfectly to PARSE any raw data (CM/PM) from Huawei/Ericsson/Nokia/ZTE/Motorola into CSV files.

Dozens of hundreds of telecom engineers currently use the tool this way… and continue developing their own “tools”, for example using Excel VBA to handle CSV files and create reports and audits.

Once again, apologies, but we’ve tried for many years to build something together, but not enough people joined the project :slight_smile:

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I can understand you not having enough people working with you in this project, i discovered your project recently, i want to do the same when i was working as telecom engineer but almost my dev was for the company now i have become a dev working in big data, i can help you if you find your motivation. I have a lot to share with you to add it to your software

never give up bro

“It’s hard to stop someone who never gives up.”


Awesome work! Will definitely go through it an provide a feedback! Thanks!!