Parameters indicating eNodeB has MIMO configured

Hello Ericsson Experts,

Which parameter represents MIMO mode in Ericsson eNodeB?
And which tool can be used to get a dump of network showing MIMO configured for each cell?

You can use below MO (EUtranCellTDD) for fetching dump in either ENM or CM dump.

ENodeBFunction - EUtranCellTDD - dlMaxMuMimo Layers
ENodeBFunction - EUtranCellTDD - ulMaxMuMimo Layers

Thanks @Md_Ab_Zaheer.
Actually I am after SU-MIMO, not MU-MIMO.

Are you asking for Transmission Mode?

The tool i use is Boda.

To get Ericsson data here you can find the steps: Boda - Ericsson CM Data (Dump)

To install Boda, visit this: Boda Lite - Multivendor/Multitechnologies Network Management Tool (CM, PM and more)

Note: Boda was discontinued (no feedback from users, open source project halted), but you still can use (latest available version there), and can parse it into CSV files, then use VBA macros to work with processed data.

Can anyone share info regarding Boda tool?

Hello @Dawood-Mayar. It is the tool developed by our Community (mainly @Emmanuel). But due to lack of participation in the Open Source project, it had to be halted. :frowning:
But latest version is still there, and dozens of thousands currently use it! :slight_smile:

No, MIMO Mode.
Like 4T4R.

NumberOfTxAntennas / NumberOfRxAntennas can give you an idea for that.