telecomHall Experts Handbook

A Practical Guide for Telecom Professionals

This guide is aimed at both first time users or experienced users requiring a help on telecommunications.It is intended for anyone with desire to collaborate, to learn and to share ideas using Boda Tool and having Community Support.

It is structured in Topics. Here you can follow the links to all the documentation for Boda Tool and Telecom Experts Best Practices.

Introduction to the Project

telecomHall Experts Handbook - Introduction

Open Source Telecom Project - Tools and Best Practices

Boda Roadmap

Boda: Roadmap (Past & Future)


Here you can find all the latest version for both Boda Lite & CE edition. NOTE: Installation is default - simply follow instructions on screeen. Update: Only Boda Lite is working, all other initiatives stoped, see this post explaining Boda Lite - Multivendor/Multitechnologies Network Management Tool (CM, PM and more) - #20 by Emmanuel

Boda CE

The CE (Community Edition) was the first version of Boda.
Our Community decided to first develop a brand new version: Boda Lite - a lightweight version of Boda CE, installed in a computer, and processing it all locally (ability to be used “offline” based on input collected data - raw data). So, the installation instructions for Boda CE is currently postponed, and we’ll let you know here when it’s available again.

Boda Lite (latest version to DOWNLOAD)

Boda Lite - Multivendor/Multitechnologies Network Management Tool (CM, PM and more)

Boda Lite: PosgreSQL Database

DEPRECATED! Please see reason here - Boda Lite - Multivendor/Multitechnologies Network Management Tool (CM, PM and more) - #20 by Emmanuel (In short our solution does not use Databases anymore; in fact, we’re using a much better approach wit Python)
Although not ‘required’, it’s highly recommended to install a database to use Boda Lite features (audits, reports, etc.). Here you can find the steps to install it on your laptop. (Deprecated, here only as REFERENCE).

Using Boda

Boda: Key Parameters

One of Boda features, ‘Key Parameters’ represents a simple list will all cells and their most important parameters.
One can for example have quick access to all network (vendor/rat) most important parameters.
Important parameters usually come from several MOs (and require SQL queiries to join information from all the MOs.
This feature do this: present you with preloaded queires, showing you your network Key Parameters!
Boda: Key Parameters

Guides to get raw data from Network

Step by step guides to get CM data to process with Boda

CM Configuration Management (Parameters)

Get Huawei CM Data

Boda - Huawei CM Data (Dump)

Get Ericsson CM Data

Boda - Ericsson CM Data (Dump)

Get Nokia CM Data

Boda - Nokia CM Data (Dump)

Get ZTE CM Data

Boda - ZTE CM Data (Dump)

PM Performance Management

TBD (Writing)

INV Inventory Management

Get Huawei Inventory Data

Boda - Huawei Inventory Data (Dump)

Get Ericsson Inventory Data

Boda - Ericsson Inventory Data (Dump)

Get Nokia Inventory Data

Boda - Nokia Inventory Data (Dump)

Get ZTE Inventory Data

Boda - ZTE Inventory Data (Dump)

FM Fault Management

TBD (Writing)


TBD (Writing)

Boda Architecture

Boda: Architecture

Some initial drafts for Boda Architecture
Boda: Architecture

Boda: Important Concepts

Importants concepts, but mainly if you want to install Boda CE (Server)
Virtual Machine (VM) and Containers Overview

Boda: Support

For known issues with Boda Lite (and its solution) please visit: Troubleshooting Boda Lite

If you still have any problem using Boda, you can visit the Support page:
Help & Support Center