Hunter NePa (Network Parser) - Huawei 3G (RNC) XML Format -

Did any one help me in getting Hunter NePa (Network Parser) - Huawei 2G&3G (RNC) XML Format

You can use Boda Tool. It’s a complete tool, to parse all vendors raw data.

To install Boda, visit this: Boda Lite - Multivendor/Multitechnologies Network Management Tool (CM, PM and more)

Note: Boda was discontinued (no feedback from users, open source project halted), but you still can use (latest available version there), and can parse it into CSV files, then use VBA macros to work with processed data.

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Thank you brother @leopedrini ,
I’m always bothered after exporting a bunch of KPIs from OSS on how to analyze and identifying the network Optimization problem.
I hope this tools might help me a lot.

Hello @hawlitu.mesfin.
Sure, the tool will help… but not anlayzing and identifying network problems.
This is up to you, by handling the exported CSV files.

Think about it as a tool to convert raw data (mainly CM raw data, like XML format) to standard CSV files, so you can work with it.
Nothing but this, but this is already a great think: there’s no other tool that do it all for free, as Boda.

Dear Esteamed @leopedrini ,
I would like to appreciate for sharing me your experience and invaluable recommendation !!!

Dear Leo,
The application says you may not have the appropriate Permission to Access the item while trying to install it what would you recommend me?

Thank you in advance!

It’s probably an issue with your computer.
You need Administrator rights to install it. Otherwise, try the portable version.

Hi my Dear,
I had installed it after long effort and how did I get the username and password to sign in?

This is the problem.
Share a snapshot of the issue you are having.