Boda Quick Reference Guide

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Of course, if you want to read it all, here you have a comprehensive guide to Boda:

Here you have a link to a summary of the concept (methodology and tools) used by the community. Download it now, and feel free to share and invite your friends. telecomHall_Boda_Definition_en-US_2019-Q3.pdf (1.4 MB)

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Good description and great use cases. Thanks!!

How can I login , I used website credential to access Boda lite v0.5.2 but I failed

Hi @Medhat.Khalifa

Credentials for Boda Lite can be found in the Install page (they’re different from webforum credentials).

But it’s very important you to read this information here too:

Please, if someone would be kind enough to indicate in which tables in the Postgres database the XML cell data is exported by Boda lite?


May I use this tool for Nokia dump file processing?

Yes, Boda parsers ALL vendors, and ALL RATs, regardless RAN SW version.

It’s widely used today (50k+ users). And you can use it for Nokia.

Can someone help me with the baseline module please, I need an example to compare a 4G Ericsson baseline, Thank you in advance."

Dear Iris_Zam,
I have same question, did you find answer? )

Hi Eugene, no I haven’t found the answer yet😔

Hello @Iris_Zam, @Eugene_Yakovlev and all.

Boda Lite was discontinued, as explained in its own post with its download link, and the reason was the lack of collaboration - no one contributed the code - as explained there.

We kept working on a new version, improving Boda Lite but for our own use. As everyone can. We are evaluating the possibility of making this evolution available again, but we cannot fall into the same mistakes - lack of support - that led to the end of Boda Lite. There is just a huge dedication of time, without any feedback. That makes no sense.

It’s important to make it clear though that the current version is open-source - anyone can take the code and use/improve it however they want.

Boda lite is able to generate thousands of CSV files with parameters.

From this data, anyone can do whatever they want - import into a database for example.

Particularly, our current approach is to work with these files - manipulating with Python / Pandas - and generating the desired final reports. With the popularization of HD SSD this became very cheap and efficient.

And to cite the BASELINE case asked here, files are generated as we wish, with reports of what is wrong with the network (for example).

But this is all about customization. Again: everyone can do however they like - there are people who even do it with VBA / Access / Excel.

In summary:

  • Thousands currently use it (Boda Lite), and it works PERFECTLY (to generate parsed csv tables). (Over 50k downloads).

  • Anyone can download the latest version (although the project stopped a few years ago). And use as you wish.

  • We evolved Boda Lite to meet our needs with Python etc. And we are thinking about starting over in a new open source project - the Hunter CE-Hunter Community Edition. But we didn’t receive any kind of feedback that showed us that it’s worth it (so much effort without real collaboration from others). :point_right: Hunter CE - Before we begin

Also please check our summary (for new users) of Boda Lite: Boda - Best tool ever for RAN Engineers

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