Boda setup problem


I have changed my PC and I have installed Boda Lite on it and database as well (it has connection to it). I am trying to parse a small E// CNAI file, but it does not do anything. The parsing works in my old PC.
Any suggestion where the problem might be?

Thanks in advance

Hello @GrishManouk.

Boda is no longer supported (continued), as you can see note here: Boda Lite - Multivendor/Multitechnologies Network Management Tool (CM, PM and more)

But, as the note say, you can continue to use as before.

Just one info: database is NOT needed, so you can skip all that database part - and only worry about parsing.

Now, for your issue:

  1. Didi you get the dump following recommendation -> Boda - Ericsson CM Data (Dump)? (mainly the Cnaiv2 format?)
  2. Can you check the LOG, and see if any error there?
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Hi Emmanuel,

Thanks for you fast reply. Looking into the log file, I found the problem. Java was not installed in the PC!

Thanks again for you support.

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