Boda Lite - Multivendor/Multitechnologies Network Management Tool (CM, PM and more)

That’s awesome software honestly, it does an excellent job in many ways and can replace OMStar in certain functions. I have one comment regarding MML commands exporting, when I try to export them “combined” they kinda look messy (but totally awesome separately).

Another question: does accept LTE “CFGMML”?

This is awesome Soft from the Expert who knows how and will be…thank you so much…

Hi I downloaded, BODA but unable to parse xml, while trying to input xml file, its showing as empty

Great work!
how to get Huawei PM files as XML to be input here? as normal path “/bam/common/MeasResult” gets MRF.GZ file type.


Hi Vishal , Just give path to the folder where you have placed Input file and give output directory details .
Note:- Input and Output directory should be different

It was really a nice tool (and the latest available version continues to be).

Thanks @Emmanuel for all the efforts, and i understand why yu had to stop.

We all (community) loose, but at same time we understand your point - and without collaboration no project can survive. :frowning:

Can anyone help me with the below issue in red, it appears whenever i try to parse files.