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My name is Emmanuel Robert Ssebaggala. I am the Founder of [Bodastage Solutions] and a telecomHall Administrator, and together with Leo we want to share with you a new set of free tools.

Like Leo, I have a good number of years in the Telecom industry. I have decided to participate in this initiative of giving everyone better ways to run their daily tasks through simple but yet powerful tools because I truly believe in building a community that will add value to telecom professionals in whatever they do through discussion and collaboration. I believe telecomHall is the place we can achieve this. Your participation through comments, questions and sharing will be very important in building what could become an industry reference for tooling years down the road.

We will start with basic CM parsers for all vendors. For each of the following weeks, we will publish a new parser for a different vendor and access technology.

I hope you all enjoy it.



Can I find macro tool for UMFI Audit in Ericsson based on HO STS

Hello @Anas22901860

We’re starting with basic macros (actually programs).

First we’ll parse (handle) CM Configuration Data. It is useful to create Audits, Baselines and so on.

Later we’ll create / share another macros.

The goal is to have a Community, where everyone helps each other. :slight_smile:


This is an amazing initiative Emmanuel. Its high time there was an open source capability for this. Quite obviously the RAN vendors are not going to sign up for this but much needed.

Thanks again

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Thank you very much! I’m already using your parser tools!

Hi @Claudio_G_Santos,

I am glad you are finding them useful. More tools will be coming in the near future. Stay tuned :slight_smile:



Hello Emmanuel,

Very good Job by creating the CM parsers. what i like the most of these parsers is the short time within which huge data is presented in readable format which really helps to verify mass changes post implementation.

Thank you very much and i hope we all together can help and support eachother to excel.


I am New here. Thanks for the generous thought of the helping community.

Very Great initiative.

This is a very great and powerful tool! Just to have the parser in hand for any vendor is a very big differential. Sometime we must have to optimize the interoperability between LTE, WCDMA or GSM whetheaver WCDMA belongs to Huawei and LTE belongs to Ericsson for example.

Hi Emmanuel, I have a tool for mapinfo for 2G 3G and 4G, if you want, I can share this tool with all people.

Best regards
Jorge Zambrano


@Jorge_Zambrano that would be great. We can take some of that functionality and add it to this project.


Find latest version of Boda here: Boda Quick Reference Guide