Boda FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Maybe you have some questions or concerns about Boda, the Community and the Project.

Here we have some answers that may help. But if you stiil have any doubts, feel free to contact us. :wink:

What is the Boda Tool?


I am confused about the project and the tool, what is it, and where can I start?


In Short: it is the first telecom open source multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-domain network management tool, an E2E tool from CM and PM data to Geo analysis and Big Data!

But for a more detailed summay, we recommend reading this: Open Source Telecom Project - Tools and Best Practices

Is the tool really free? (hard to believe)


You and a lot of people must wonder when decide to use boda: “Is it really free?”
It is to hard to imagine and “there’s no free lunch!”. The cost of such powerful tools are huge, no one in this World would do that!


We can start saying that this same question was made to Linus Torvalds, in the beginning of his project. It doesn’t matter if there was a reply from him - his legacy is here for the World to use.

And backing to our Telecom World, we can answer this in a simple statement: It is possible to do, so why not to do it? :wink:

Boda is being developed by a group of volunteers. Financially stable guys that simply have a hobby: to develop and create applications that can help tons of telecom consultants with lack of helping tools.

Dozens of guys, most with decades of professional history in Telecom industry, join together to put their best practices into one dream: a telecom multipurpose tool, where they can put their background into new solutions and big data!

Anyway, you can maybe still have a doubt. So, our recommendation is: simply download it and test for yourself! Get Community support to dismiss your questions, and of course: join the Volunteers and participate collaborating in the project! You’re always welcome to join! :wink:

How can i know my Network Data is Safe?


I’m hesitant to install Boda CE or even Boda Lite to process my network data because it is sensitive info that belongs to my company (I don’t want to be the one held accountable in case of data breach!)
I have concerns and would like to do some code audit to ensure that data is not shared with 3rd part. Even the installer is not signed so windows warns with error that could be unsafe, it would be difficult for me to get colleagues to install on their computer.


We totally understand your concerns and agree security is very important.

Here you have some points:

  1. The code is open source and available on github so you can review, download and compile as you decide, in compliance with the licence.
  2. The build process is done with and is very transparent. -
  3. The download links we provide help us gather some download stats, and are secured links from the github repository.
  4. Finally, you CAN use Boda totally OFF-LINE, if you want. You download and install in your computer, and simply “cut the wire” with Internet. To process your data you can use for example a VPN connection with your OSS - or even using Hard Disk or Memory Stick to copy data from there.

We hope these points above address you concerns, but if you still have doubts, please contact us. :wink:

Where can i find tool Roadmap?


I want to know how is the tool right now, for example, what modules are available for me to use.

Please check our roadmap: Boda Roadmap (Past & Future)
All the tool future is decide by Community.
Special community members, that are committed to development (code and/or processes and modules) are in contact via WhtasApp group.

Can I make suggestion for the tool (new modules or features)?


I am already using Boda - and it’s great. I would like to make some suggestions, how can proceed?


Yes, and you’re welcome to join. As a simple user or an active collaborator. Keep in mind the tool is continuously being developed by people just like you, to meet their needs.
If you join, you can active express you demands.

You can:

  1. Simply download latest version, and use it. In case of doubts, you can post here in the Forum.
  2. But you also can join the project for real, becoming a volunteer, and helping the project in your free time. If you want more details, please send an e-mail to

Let’s start using it? :wink:


Hi, Can we compare dumps with this tool for different vendors. I would like to know for ZTE…!

@mharris not at the moment nut we are planning to add this feature eventually.

Hello ,
How log time it will take to parse XML file like 512Mb size please ?

@Hector_Avana it depends on your system specs and format your parsing. From experience it should take 3 min atmost.