Boda Lite: Reports Module

Here we describe the Reports module of Boda Lite.

Note: Currently we’re using version 0.2.0, so the snapshots may vary a little in future versions.

Below you can see the steps to use Reports Module (Clicking Home, then Reports).

And below you have Reports module

There’s a main toolbar, with the possible actions:

  • Create Composite Report
  • Create Report
  • Create Report Category
  • Reload Report Tree

And also a Tree.


Create Composite Report

This is to create a composite report…

Create Report

Click here to actually create a report.

Create Report Category

To organize, you can create Categories, so you can quickly find/access your queries.

Reload Report Tree

There are some previous Queries available when you install the tool.

For example, the queries for Key Parameters - a feature of Boda, and described in details here:Boda: Key Parameters.


Now you may wanto to go to Boda Lite: Writing Queries


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