Boda - Nokia Inventory Data (Dump)

These are steps to get Nokia Inventory (INV) Data to use with Boda.

<< Under construction >>


Dear Admin,
Please kindly show the steps to get NOKIA Inventory?


It’s under construction.

We’ll update it soon here, as soon as we have it.:wink:

Also waiting for this as very interesting tools


We’re working on this.
Boda Lite is currently used by thousands, and it’s reliable, fast and free for parsing CM (Configuration Management) for all vendors and all RAT in all releases. An unique algorithm makes it super versatile - and you get CSV files for every MO.

But to extend it to another modules, like PM or Inventory, we need community help, we need community to instruct for example, in this case, how to get raw data to Nokia Inventory (as well for other Vendors).

Anyway, we keep walking… hopefully we have some new features and modules to present soon.

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Do we have any update on it, or anything which we can contribute here to get this data?