Boda - Huawei CM Data (Dump)

These are steps to get Huawei CM (Configuration Management) Data to use with Boda.


Exporting CFGMML via GUI

  1. Launch “Huawei U2000”.
  2. Access Menu: Maintenance > MML Command
  3. RUN command “EXP CFGMML”
  4. Give your file a proper NAME.
  5. The file will be saved at:
    \bam\version_a\ftp\export_cfgmml or \bam\version_b\ftp\export_cfgmml, depending on current BAM.

Exporting CFGMML via CLI


HUAWEI NBI_XML Format (2G/3G/4G/5G)

Exporting NBI_XML via GUI


Exporting NBI_XML via CLI



In Huawei U2000 you can configure XML files to be generated automatically, every day. These include files for all elements: BSC/RNC/NB/eNB/gNB.
Fortunately, this is default behavior, so chances are (high) you have already these files being exported every day.
This is the best (recommended) format to process, because it contains much complete set of data (some info you don’t find for example in CFGMML format).

Exporting GEXPORT_XML via GUI


Exporting GEXPORT_XML via CLI

  1. As the files are automatically generated in your OSS, you simply need use an ftp client like Filezilla and go to:
  2. Download all files

There you will find all files with the name like this: GExport_NENAME_IPADDRESS_TIMESTAMP.xml.gz

As you may notice, there will be “duplicated” files. Don’t worry about that - Boda processing algorithm exclude duplicates, and process only the latest one.

For example if you have:

  • GExport_NENAME_IPADDRESS_20190101.xml.gz (file generated at Jan 1, 2019)
  • GExport_NENAME_IPADDRESS_20190102.xml.gz (file generated at Jan 2, 2019)
  • GExport_NENAME_IPADDRESS_20190103.xml.gz (file generated at Jan 3, 2019)
    Boda will process only GExport_NENAME_IPADDRESS_20190103.xml.gz - the most recent one, for Jan 3, 2019!

HUAWEI Other Formats (2G/3G/4G/5G)

Huawei has other formats of NE exports.

Currently they are not supported by Boda, but we put it here to reference.

Besides GExport XML format, you can find:

AUTOBAK XML format: found at OSS folder /ftproot/BTSTYPExyz/Data/
Where xyz is the equipment specific name.

NE GExport XML format: found at /opt/oss/server/var/fileint/cm/GExport (just like GExport), but not in the root folder; instead, in folders starting with NE - NE0000. There you will find files like ALL_NENAME_TIMESTAMP.xml.gz

And finally, there is BACKUP XML format: this is the format you get when download it via U2000 GUI:

  1. Launch “Huawei U2000”.
    The steps bellow depends on which U2000 version you are using.
  2. For Huawei U2000 Version R12
    2.1 Access Menu: Maintenance > Backup Management > NE Backup.
    2.2 Select the site you want to backup.
    2.3 Download the configuration file from U2000 to your computer.
  3. For Huawei U2000 Version R13 or Above
    3.1 Access Menu: “Software Management”
    3.2 Access Menu: NE File > NE Backup
    3.3 Select one eNodeB, at the left panel tree.
    3.4 Click “Query…” button
    3.5 At the central panel, you can see main window
    3.6 At the central panel, select the latest version (backup file) of this eNodeB by clicking on it.
    3.7 Tip: you can see ‘Backup Time’ field.
    3.8 Click ‘Download to OSS Client…’ button.
    3.9 Save this file at any desired folder at in your computer hard disk.

Again: AUTOBAK, BACKUP and NE GExport are not (yet) supported by Boda, its here only to reference.We plan to process all these formats in next releases.