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Here you can find a compilation of the Best Telecom Resources on Internet - a large collection of 5G, IoT, LTE, Mobile wireless and several other great resources, and it is being continuosly updated based on Community collaboration. So, make sure to bookmark it and come back regularly to see updates. :wink:

Also: If you want to suggest an Article, Blog or any other Useful Resource for the Community, please reply to this topic, and we’ll update it here.


The 3G4G Blog Latest news and information on 3G, 4G, 5G wireless and technologies in general.

Massive MIMO Blog Entry point to learn about Massive MIMO, and a forum that highlights the most important new literature, scientific/experimental results and insights that are becoming available – along with expert commentary.
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ShareTechnote Impressive website with a lot of resources for Telecommunications and Technologies:LTE | LTE Adv 5G/NR |2G/3G | LTE - M1 |NB-IoT | IoT | IMS/SIP | Throughput | WiFi | SDR | Comm. Tech. | RF | Electronics | Embedded Sys | IP/Network | Linux | MechEngneering | Eng Math | Differential Eqv | Matlab | Python | C,C++ | Arduino/Raspberry | Android | Java | SolidWorks | And much more.

Electronics-Notes Electronics Notes, now incorporating provides radio & electronics tutorials and notes covering basic electronics concepts, components, radio technology, constructional techniques, ham radio, & electronics history…
Author: Electronics Notes is written and run by Ian Poole. Ian is a Telecom Guru.

Rohde & Schwarz Mobile Wireless Learning Center Industry’s leading resource on technology and testing for 5G, IoT, LTE, and Mobile Network Testing. Updated regularly. This site contains a large collection of: Videos, whitepapers and other technical documents. Your source for all things 5G, IoT, LTE, & MNT mobile wireless.

Eventhelix Networking, Telecom and Software Design articles. Very good explanations on LTE & 5G NR Call Flows. Also good Tutorials and Presentations.

Eventhelix blogs

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Wade4Wireless Learn Smart Technology


Moniem Tech Communication Engineering Frontier Knowledge Base

Our Technology Planet The Technology and Our World Today

Frank Rayal Making sense of [high] tech…

Mobile Packet Core Mobile Packet Core Engineering Guide

Black Techno Guys Blog A blog about LTE, 5G and NB-IoT to help those job seekers enhance their technical knowledge.

Techplayon Explore, Learn and Share

Radio Tech Corp 5G Simplified

TechTrained All about 4G LTE Technical Training. TechTrained is one shop stop on 4G LTE, Telecommunications, with a mix of technology, learning and society.

Neil Raj Sony-Radio Network Optimizer RF Optimization
Author: Neil Raj Sony

LTE Authentication In 15 steps A blog about 4G Authentication in simple way
Author: ? need answer

4G5G World Blog Previously known as LteWorld, it is home of 5G, 4G LTE and LTE-Advanced technology resources: news, blogs, videos, whitepapers, tutorials, reports, trainings and more, whatever is relevant to 3GPP 5G, LTE and LTE-Advanced technologies.
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Class Notes by Sakshama Ghoslya This blog includes class notes mainly related to communication and signal processing

New Technology A Blog about new Technology like LTE, VoLTE, 5G NR, IOT,SRVCC and Machine Learning.

Online Tests

Speedtest .Net Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test. Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the world with this interactive broadband speed test from Ookla.


Wireless Frequency Bands and Telecom Protocols Frequency / ARFCN caculator for NR, LTE, UMTS, GSM, CDMA and Carrier Aggregation combination. 5G NR Bands, Carrier Aggregation, Dual Connectivity. LTE Resource Grid, Bands, Bandwidth, Carrier Aggregation, CA spectrum, FCC spectrum, Proximity Services, Dual Connectivity. UMTS, GSM, WiFi and much more.

Antenna Horizontal Isolation Calculator A tool to calculate Horizontal Isolation, distance between two antennas of different or equal frequencies. The calculator provides an estimate of the isolation provided by two horizontally separated antennas.

PIM Calculator This Tool will make your life easy while calculating and analyzing PIM (Passive Inter-modulation) in your DAS solution.

4G Theoretical Throughput Calculator 4G Theoretical Throughput Calculator Calculate the maxium theoretical throughput of a specified LTE Configuration. Supports TDD, FDD and SDL, Carrier aggregation and MIMO.
Open Source:

5G Speed Calculator Demo 5G Speed Calculator [Beta]
Open Source:

Posters & Cheat-Sheets

Packetlife Cheat Sheets Useful Cheat Sheets on Networking Fundamentals.


OOKLA 5G MAP The interactive Ookla 5G Map tracks 5G rollouts in cities across the globe. Updated weekly from verified public sources and Ookla data. Tip: check “Pre Release” box to see networks about to launch.(5G rollouts in cities across the globe)

Mobile IoT Deployment Map Mobile IoT networks being rolled out around the world. Information on operators, equipment manufacturers and associated technologies that are being developed in any particular region. The map highlights both national and regional deployments of LTE-M and NB-IoT networks, and enables companies looking to deploy Mobile IoT solutions to make an informed decision based on availability in their region.

Global Network Coverage Comparison Accurate information for all cellular networks arounde the World, comparing 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks coverage in several countries.

Cellular Maps A collection of cellular and wireless coverage and information maps for USA and Mexico. Some maps are alternatives to generally-available maps, hard to find maps, or maps that are no longer available elsewhere. Include: Coverage Comparisons, Licensed Service Areas, 3G, 4G & 5G Coverage, Wireless Spectrum and more.

RAN Vendors

Huawei Products (by Network & Version) Table with all information regarding Huawei RAN Equipment Roadmap ( * Requires free username to see details)


GSMArena - Handset Information Probably one of the best sites to find handset information (models, bands, etc.). The ultimate resource for GSM (and also 3G, 4G and 5G) handset information.


Light Reading Light Reading is for communications industry professionals who are developing and commercializing services and networks using technologies, standards and devices such as 4G, smartphones, SDN, network virtualization, 100G optical, IP, Ethernet, Big…

CGTN Tech & Sci Find the latest news on technology, science, environment and health around the world, with a focus on China.

IEEE ComSoc Technology Blog News and information relevant to communications professionals

RCR Wireless News Mobile industry news insights. RCRWireless News provides readers with mobile network operator news insights

Telecoms Telecoms is where the telecoms industry goes first for the latest news, in-depth analysis, interviews with senior industry figures and insightful market intelligence.

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence,Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Machine Learning for Everyone Blog about survival in the world of technology and all this cyberpunk around.
This specific post is by far one of best articles in Machine Learning i have read. In simple words. With real-world examples.


Towards Data Science Sharing concepts, ideas, and codes.


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This repository contains all the best resources the Coomunity shared till now.
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