Although the authors are not part of the telecomHall Community, here is a list of good telecom blogs with amazing and useful material we have curated for you.

The 3G4G Blog

Latest news and information on 3G, 4G, 5G wireless and technologies in general.
Author: Zahid Ghadialy

Massive MIMO Blog

Entry point to learn about Massive MIMO, and a forum that highlights the most important new literature, scientific/experimental results and insights that are becoming available – along with expert commentary.

Authors: Emil Björnson & Erik G. Larsson

Our Technology Planet

The Technology and Our World Today
Author: Ali Khalid

Frank Rayal

Making sense of [high] tech…

Author: Frank Rayal

NR Calculators
Webapp (Mobile compatible) which serves as a resource hub for Telecom engineers to read 5G articles, offline calculators, 5G Quizzes and much more.

Author: Ali Asgher Mansoor Habiby

Radio Tech Corp

5G Simplified

Author: Usman Ayub


All about 4G LTE Technical Training. TechTrained is one shop stop on 4G LTE, Telecommunications, with a mix of technology, learning and society.

Author: Azar Taufique

LTE Authentication In 15 steps

A blog about 4G Authentication in simple way

Author: ?

4G5G World Blog

Previously known as LteWorld, it is home of 5G, 4G LTE and LTE-Advanced technology resources: news, blogs, videos, whitepapers, tutorials, reports, trainings and more, whatever is relevant to 3GPP 5G, LTE and LTE-Advanced technologies.

Author: ?

Mobile & Technology Exploration | Cell Site Analysis

Investigations, Practices and Procedures: Seizure-Forensic Examination-Evidence. Cellular and Satellite Telephones, Call Records-Billing Data, Cell Site Analysis. Telecomms. Computer and Network Analysis. GPS devices & Jammers.

GSM(2G)-GPRS(2.5G)-HSCSD/EDGE-WCDMA(3G/UMTS)-HSPA/LTE(3.5G)-LTE-A(4G)- 5G/IoT- 802.11xx-WiMAX, plus other radio & paging technologies: Analysis of Call Record Attribution, Network Record, Coverage, Masts, Location, Co-location, Movement for…

Author: ?


Easy Explanation, Mostly Visualization

Author: Ziya Akhundov

Tech LTE World

LTE /VOLTE/5G_RS – Learn-Share-Grow

Author: Ravi Shekhar

5G Notes

Let’s Learn

Author: ?

5G Networks

5G Networks - Build fast 5G LTE Networks
Informational Website with content on 5G Wireless Networks and Technology for Fifth Generation Mobile Networks

Author: ?

Tech Invite

inside the 3GPP Standardization environment
in order to ease the follow-up of 5G standards
The 3GPP has published (see Info) around 1600 Specifications (TS) and 1000 Reports (TR). Quarterly, following the Plenary Meetings, new TS/TR or new release versions of existing TS/TR are published. Out of the 1600 TS, about 500 are “living”, i.e. frequently updated, and there are around 100 TR (studies) for Rel-16 and Rel-17.
So far, this site has provided an overview for each series, and a descriptor for each TS/TR, including a table of contents (ToC) with an indicator showing the evolution at each release.

Author: joelrepiquet

How LTE Stuff Works?

LTE and 5G articles

Author: ?

Telecom Tutorial

VoLTE - IMS - VoWifi - SIP - Call Flow - Telco Cloud - NFV - SDN - Cloud
A Non-Profit Site aimed at Demystifying 3GPP telecom Specs in simplified version.

Tutorials and articles on VoLTE, IMS, VoWifi, Cloud, 5G, Packet Core & Other Core Telecom technologies

Author: Vikas Shokeen


Think 5G and Beyond

Author: Sushobhit Goyal and Prasanna Sahu

5G Ttechnology World

5G Technology World reports on the technologies, tools and strategies that are available to 5G professionals.

Author: ?

5G.Security has writing about cybersecurity, cyber-kinetic security, privacy and geopolitics of emerging technologies, 5G and 5G-connected connected cyber-physical infrastructure such as massive internet of things (mIoT), critical internet of things (cIoT), industrial internet of things (IIoT), industrial control systems (ICS), robotics, critical national infrastructure (CNI), connected and autonomous transportation and smart cities.


LTE Capacity Calculator and Dimnesioning

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