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Networking, Telecom and Software Design articles. Very good explanations on LTE & 5G NR Call Flows. Also good Tutorials and Presentations.
Eventhelix blogs: 5G NR - New Radio | LTE-Long Term Evolution | TCP/IP Networking | Software Design
Company: Eventhelix



Electronics Notes, now incorporating provides radio & electronics tutorials and notes covering basic electronics concepts, components, radio technology, constructional techniques, ham radio, & electronics history…
Company: Electronics Notes*. *Blogs written and run by Ian Poole . Ian is a Telecom Guru.

Rohde & Schwarz Mobile Wireless Learning Center

5G Learning Center

Your go-to resource for everything related to 5G technology.

Industry’s leading resource on technology and testing for 5G, IoT, LTE, and Mobile Network Testing. Updated regularly. This site contains a large collection of: Videos, whitepapers and other technical documents. Your source for all things 5G, IoT, LTE, & MNT mobile wireless.
Company: Rohde & Schwarz

Metaswitch Reference material

Metaswitch Reference material

Learn more about the technologies we use

Learn more about the technologies we use. For example, “What is the 5G User Plane Function (UPF)?”
Company: Metaswitch

Understanding the 5G NR Standard

The video series explains key concepts behind the 5G New Radio (NR) physical layer standard. You will learn about the requirements and use cases of 5G and the resulting differences between the 5G and LTE standards. Each video offers a deep dive into the technologies and concepts behind 5G NR, including 5G waveforms, frame structure and numerology, downlink and uplink data, Control Resource Sets (CORESETs), demodulation reference symbols (DMRS), synchronization signal blocks (SSB), Cell Search and RACH procedures, and channel estimation.