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Wireless Frequency Bands and Telecom Protocols

Frequency / ARFCN caculator for NR, LTE, UMTS, GSM, CDMA and Carrier Aggregation combination. 5G NR Bands, Carrier Aggregation, Dual Connectivity. LTE Resource Grid, Bands, Bandwidth, Carrier Aggregation, CA spectrum, FCC spectrum, Proximity Services, Dual Connectivity. UMTS, GSM, WiFi and much more.


5G Tools for RF Wireless

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Author: Vinogradov Oleg

Antenna Horizontal Isolation Calculator

A tool to calculate Horizontal Isolation, distance between two antennas of different or equal frequencies. The calculator provides an estimate of the isolation provided by two horizontally separated antennas.

PIM Calculator

This Tool will make your life easy while calculating and analyzing PIM (Passive Inter-modulation) in your DAS solution.

4G Theoretical Throughput Calculator

4G Theoretical Throughput Calculator Calculate the maxium theoretical throughput of a specified LTE Configuration. Supports TDD, FDD and SDL, Carrier aggregation and MIMO.
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5G Speed Calculator Demo

5G Speed Calculator [Beta]
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