telecomHall Collaborative Learning System - Introduction


Imagine the following situation: you are interested in learning something new - be it a new technology, a new programming language, a new “skill” that you can add to the topics you master.

The subject matter starts you’re interested to learn is more and more in evidence - everyone talking about it! And so you realize that it is really important, and that you need to learn. ASAP! :grinning:

You do a search on the Internet. And you find “thousands” of links, each with a different approach: some more technical, some more superficial, etc. In summary, you find only “part” of the information you are looking for. :confused:

So you decide to start watching a video that looks interesting. :film_projector: Watch the video, and now you are sure that this is what you want to learn.

After finishing to watch the video, you then look for other ways of learning. You end up in another website where someone promises to give you what you want… if you pay for their course! :thinking:

But as you still don’t have a complete view of the subject, you decide to take the course later, when you have a little more knowledge, and then look for articles on LinkedIn and other blogs you know.

There you read some articles - skipping some parts, because you know you can “go back anytime” to read if you questions. :wink:

With this initial knowledge, you consider you are ready to start participating in some forums and groups. After all, “you now know the subject”, and therefore you can even manage to ask a few questions. :grin:

Unfortunately, no one answers you - the way you expect - on the forum or group. And when someone respond, they send you suggestions to read books, handouts, presentations, etc. :books:

Ok, you then download everything, and save it to a place where other “precious docs” already are, in your computer. It’s all outdated, but that’s okay - it’s all there for when you need it. :relieved:

As you have tons of resourvces, you decide to open and read one of the books (usually from several years ago), and you do a quick read - you thinks it’s interesting, but gives up when he sees that the book is 400, 500 pages long. :yawning_face:

You give up on the book - but not on learning! So you starts all over again… you just don’t know where to (re) start! :weary:

Well, if this has ever happened to you, don’t worry: you’re not alone! :person_raising_hand:

In fact, you are part of a large group of people who end up getting lost in the ocean of information surround, and which seems to grow exponentially every day. :confounded:

Alone, you run the huge risk of starting everything and finishing nothing!

But don’t really worry: you’re not alone. We are here to help you, and we invite you to evolve together.

If you’ve read this far, we have only one request: keep reading until the end. Yes, this is very important. Don’t skip to the conclusion - if you don’t have time, read it another time, because this is a kind of article that really can change your life for the better! If you want to, of course. :blush:

Ah, spoiler: everything is really free. Always! Don’t worry - in telecomHall Community you will never have to pay a penny for anything, got it? :clap:

So, with this introduction well understood, we’re ready to continue. But do not worry, it won’t be long - it’s just going to be some more important information, and of course, the presentation of our exclusive collaborative learning methodology. :man_teacher:

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Discipline, Adaptation, Focus

The above words seem to be taken from a self-help presentation, to help you win, etc. Well, that’s true, but no, it’s not our approach.

Discipline, adaptation and focus are characteristics that have become essential for anyone seeking growth, in whatever area.

And when we talk about the technologies areas, this becomes even clearer, as these areas have the so-called exponential growth. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

The exponential growth in the development of new technologies comes at the same speed as the obsolescence of things. This makes the world move faster and faster - and therefore harder to keep up. :bullettrain_side:

We didn’t have that much information before. In fact, information was scarce, and we needed to “learn it all”, no matter where it came from.

But in the last few decades - and more specifically in the last few years - the rise of wireless connectivity and the Internet and other technologies generate far more information than we can handle. :hourglass:

The way of doing things has changed… The tools are no longer the same… Companies have changed… The needs of the company’s clients have changed! So we also need to change!

And our only way out is to save our time and energy by separating the important from the less important.

And this is where our system comes in, which we are going to present soon, here.

But before let’s see a few more important concepts - mainly about what will make you not give up and reach your Purpose.

Motivation and Purpose

Before continuing, it is very important to talk a little about Motivation and Purpose. And once more: please do not skip this thread, it will be worth it.

Simply put, Motivation is the impulse that makes us act to achieve our Purpose.

Motivation is a topic that has been studied a lot by psychology, as it makes individuals give their best, do their best to achieve what they want.

But you may ask yourself: what does this have to do with my learning here? :woozy_face:

The answer is simple: it’s all about! :zap:

Understanding your Motivation and your Purpose will help you not to be discouraged!

That’s it. Before starting your learning plan, the first thing you must do is know what you are striving for. You need to have your goal clear in your mind. Knowing where you want to go, where you are now, and what you want to be.

If you don’t have a clear vision of where you’re going, it’s very easy to get discouraged. You will not know whether what you are doing is right.

Organize yourself, find a way to measure your progress, and see if your Goals are being met towards your Purpose.

Whenever you look to the side, and look at something else that is not your Purpose, you need to remember your objectives and revive, really create a will to make this progress.

If you manage to do this, and manage to measure your progress towards your purpose, even if it’s a step each day, you’ll feel more pleasure and understand that you’re not lost - you have a vision of where you want to go. Otherwise, you’ll feel like you’re swimming in the open sea, not knowing whether or not you’re getting anywhere.

So write down your Purpose: where you want to go! Make it visible in a place to see it every day. This will help you to come back and keep your focus on where you want to be.

Another important thing is to know for who you’re doing it for!

Be it for your father, your mother, your brother, your girlfriend, your son… someone you care about in such a way that it’s worth the effort. You will struggle to grow, to get there. And to make this person proud.

That needs to be very clear. What are we going to be able to do, what are we going to be able to provide for that dear person when we reach our Purpose.

This is part of the Motivation.

We want to give our son a better life, dinner for our son over the weekend. Earning better, for example, you will be able to do this. That is, by earning more, which is one of the motivators, you will be able to achieve this Purpose.

To sum up so far: you need to know where you want to go, and who you are doing it for!

Salary, personal challenge, help someone close to you. Remember that every day Every day keep studying. Create motivation from scratch. In fact, you’re going to do it not for the Motivation itself, but for your Purpose. You do it because you want to, and you’ve got something much bigger to achieve. And this is your north, this is your goal in a certain time.

Fight for it, and you’ll surely get there in less time than you think. :running_man:

To help you, here are some steps to serve as a reference:

  • Always have your Purpose in mind: what you want to be!

  • Remember who you’re doing this for: the source of fuel that gives you motivation!

  • Always specialize yourself: not be mediocre (average person). Always try to be above average - those who have stagnated and no longer want to evolve. This will naturally make you get better opportunities at the company you’re working for, better jobs at other companies or even opening your own business. Never stagnate: don’t fall into limbo, don’t stay behind. It’s fired. Always stay well-informed. Knowing new resources and mastering what you already know.

  • Be persistent: don’t be Immediatist, everything has its time. And don’t compare yourself to other people - you’ve got your time. Even if it takes time, you will get there.
    Why does no one replant a grown tree when a large tree in a street falls, for example due to a windstorm or storm? Because it just can’t handle it. The new adult tree replanted in place of the other one will not hold up, it will not have roots (a firm base) to stand it up. The same happens with us: we cannot leave “from scratch” and soon reach our Purpose. Growth is part of the process, and gives us a solid base of knowledge that will always support us. So please be patient, growth takes time.

  • Be consistent: make a habit. You always have to have time to study in the day. For example, take some leisure time and divide it up to have a study time. Creating a habit is very important: we don’t depend on motivation anymore. We do it because we know what we want… motivation ends at one time or another. But when you know what you want, you automatically create that desire for the purpose and consequently do it on your own, without any motivation.

Well, we’ve had a lot of psychology for today. :laughing: So let’s continue, we’re almost getting to what really matters - but it’s important that you’ve understood everything you’ve read so far, as it will be part (will help a lot) of your learning.

Learning = Information + Practice

Maybe you think that, when you want to learn any subject or skill, you just need to read a good book, a good video or take a good course, which will make you understand all the concepts, and that’s it.

But this is exactly where everyone is wrong. And to illustrate, I’m going to use an example.

Picture a staircase. Let’s say you don’t know how to climb - and you want to learn. So you read a great book: “Learn to Climb Stairs in 10 Minutes.”

You’ll read the book, and based on all the information, you’ll understand how to climb. And for sure, you will be able to climb one, if you find one.

Instructions (knowledge acquired with the book):

  1. Stand at the bottom of the stairs.
  2. Then walk up the stairs, one foot at a time (one step at a time).
  3. Repeat until reaching the top.

But you still haven’t practiced!

When you practice, you will learn other things over time:

  1. Do not go up the stairs if they are wet, as you may fall.
  2. Avoid going up with large volumes in your hand, as they will hinder your vision.
  3. Always stay close to the handrail, because if you feel dizzy, you can hold on.
  4. Always go up on the left side - that way whoever is going down (also on his left) won’t bump into you.
  5. Don’t run on the stairs - especially if you are not in good shape.

In summary, the analogy is to show that with Information we can understand a lot, but with practice we can achieve concrete learning, experience and expertise.

The basic loop is: Information → Activity → More Information → More Activity, and so on.

But now the question: How can I practice the knowledge I acquire with courses, people and other sources such as online resources?

Simple: participating (practicing) a community! And in our case, the practice comes through participation (questions, answers, likes, shares) in our Forum - this one right here, where you are reading!. :slight_smile:

And that fits in perfectly with what we are going to see now (finally!): our Collaborative Learning Management!

telecomHall Collaborative Learning System

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out - or even if you are already expert in your area, it is always helpful to revisit concepts that we might not be able to use on a daily basis to keep our skills sharp and ensure we have a strong understanding of them.

As frustrating as it may seem to have to study the same material over and over again, this is part of the learning process and therefore worth it.

It’s never been so easy to learn - but it’s also never been so easy to get “lost” with so much information, without guidance and help.

For this reason, and to help as many people as possible, we have created our telecomHall Collaborative Learning System!

Simply put, we create steps by step and guides to help you on how you can choose the best path and improve your learning in any new area. We always try to keep everything in a more useful and comprehensive way for everyone.

How will the Learning System work (Methodology)?

We’ve talked a lot so far, to give you an idea of what we’re proposing. We hope that you have read everything, and that way you will understand some important points, such as that your active participation will be essential.

About how the Learning System will work, let’s leave just two images below, which in essence represent a little of what it is: simple and intuitive, like small “bullets” of information that you should absorb within your " study plan", within your availability.

In the coming days we will detail (in a specific post) how the system will actually work, and how you can (and should) participate.

And get ready to learn a lot, all together!


If you dive alone into the ocean - ever-increasing - of information currently available, you might drown, especially with so many new technologies and tools. And to be totally lost, to end up giving up!

But at the same time, connecting with people who can help has never been so accessible - so take this opportunity - jump right in! And get help from our Community members and this methodology.

Keep in mind the key point of everything, which is your Purpose, which is what will sustain you throughout your journey. In successful moments and in complexities.

If you have a big purpose to reach, you will stay motivated for a long time. Only depends on you. If you need to, reread this topic again.

Remember: we’re here to help you - as we have been for over 20 years. You only need “to want it”.

Put aside laziness and accommodation, and change for real, embark with us on our journey. Make today the first day of your new career!

Feel free to join now:

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  • If you don’t have a user in our community yet, click on the “Sign Up” button in the upper right corner and create yours now: How to create a username in telecomHall.

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Very well done!!! Congratulations!!!

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