How to create a username in telecomHall

Hello dears,

There are a lot of advantages to create a username here in our Community Forum.

  1. It’s Free: and will always be FREE - as everything here in telecomHall since ever. :free:
    Note: of course, if you want to make a donation, you can do it here: Donate (Hunter Club). But again, it’s not necessary.

  2. It’s Fast: you will take less then 3 minutes, you’l see. :wink: :dizzy:

  3. You stop seeing Ads (Advertising): just like you, we don’t like Ads. But we have ads to encourage you to login - logged users do not see ads, after any participation! :raised_hands:

  4. You get improved experience: it’s easy and quick to like posts (encouraging experts/authors to keep up their good work - giving answers); you can reply (and join) any conversation you want; you can start a new topic - to solve one doubt getting answer by the Experts. :man_teacher:


  1. It’s Easy. :heavy_check_mark: Simply follow these next steps.

    • First, click Signup button (1), at the right top of the page:


  • Then, fill (2) your e-mail and choose a username, OR

  • Click to register using your Facebook or Google or Twitter account (3). TIP: this make it easier to login later, and you don’t need to memorize another password. :wink:

  • And click button Create Your Account (4).


Done. Now you have total control of your profile (5), like changing Preferences etc.


You can use Messages to communicate with another member (that’s the only way to do it, because members emails are never shown to anyone! We really respect your privacy here! :wink:


You can access your Bookmarks (when reading a good topic, you can bookmark it, to read again later, using this shortcut).


Also, you can see all Notifications and important informations to you.


That’s it.

After creating your username you will be able to explore the Best and Largest Telecom Community in the Globe. :hugs: :clap: :clap:

TIP: please do not forget to add a nice image to your profile, it helps to differentiate you from a bunch of system symbols. :laughing: You can do it in your Account Preferences: telecomHall Forum - Telecom Experts Discussion Forum

Now, you can see a brief summary of the Community here: telecomHall Community