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If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough Welcome to the exclusive learning system of our telecomHall community. Here you’ll learn everything about Telecommunications and ICT, through short topics, of a maximum of 5 minutes, classified as macro and micro learning.

And as always, everything is free, forever. Our only goal is to teach everyone who wants to learn!

And for that, we explain complex concepts in the simplest possible way!.

In addition, all material produced is shared (PowerPoint slides, Excel files…). And you can download and use it as you wish - in your presentations that you can put together with all the topics you want. Bonus: Powerpoint Slides are animated! :grinning:

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Important: Of course, you can skip straight to the point, but we recommend that you read the Introduction and FAQ first.

  • Tip 1: you can right click any link and choose “Open link in a new tab”. :wink: (Same if you press CTRL and click).

  • Tip 2: we are adding more and more topics, everyday. But if you would like to see an easy explation of any topic not still covered, simply comment here and we’ll provide the slides! :person_tipping_hand:

  • Tip 3: you can right click in Chrome and choose Translate to your Language (of your Country) :earth_africa:







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