telecomHall Collaborative Learning System - FAQ

What is the telecomHall learning system?

Like everything else in our community, our system is unique, but it builds on existing learning management systems with a methodology geared toward efficient learning.

Whatever the concept, it is explained as simply as possible (so that the concepts are well assimilated) and at the same time indicates the best links and resources that allow you to study the topic in more detail / depth.

A modern platform, both for computers and mobile devices, allowing remote learning, based on technological pillars that you can access anytime and anywhere.

What are the objectives of the learning system?

The main objective is just one: to teach you, everything you want / need to learn.

And gather everything you need in one place… You will no longer need to go looking for different links to articles, videos, courses, etc.

Plus, you’ll always be in contact with community members, who are always there to help.

So this is a course (or training)?

No. It’s not training or a course.

It’s a learning experience.

Training is not usually fun or effective.

That’s why you should learn and reinforce important topics in your own way, however you prefer.

The mechanism will help you keep the learning alive, you will stay involved because you yourself will see the positive impacts it will bring - and not because you are forced to.

I’m kind of “lost”… Is there a step by step for beginners?

The system was created to be very intuitive… so that no step-by-step instructions are needed. Even because the vast majority don’t even read the steps by steps.

But we will have a “great index”.

Little by little, this index, more or less like a flowchart, is being assembled.

For the time being, the topics are being added.

Can I use the archives of the articles?

Yes, feel free to download all documents for each topic.

And use it however you like.

For each topic we have an auxiliary text, which you can use, for example, if you are going to present that (or more) slide(s) to someone.

What are macro and micro topics?

In fact, we should even have “nano” threads. And they are sorted by TAGS.

The classification of topics as Macro, Micro and Nano will allow the topics to be organized in an efficient way, in such a way that you can assemble your study plan as you wish.

Over time you will see that this classification will make everything even more intuitive and easier to navigate.

How much will I have to pay (how much)?

Nothing! Nothing at all. You will never have to pay a penny for anything!

telecomHall is here for more than 2 decades, always with this concept, and it will always be like this. Period.

Can I suggest a new complementary reading/watching?

You must! If you read a topic, and know any website that has an explanation that should be there too, you can and should suggest it!

How do I suggest a new complementary reading/watching?

There are several ways, for example by message to moderators, in WhatsApp and Telegram groups, etc.

But the best way is the simplest one: simply add a comment to the topic you want to suggest a new link!

Moderators will evaluate whether the topic should make the list of suggested resources, and update. (Once your feature is added your comment will be removed).

And of course: if you find anything wrong with explanations, please correct it (also by adding a comment).

What can I expect?

It all depends on you. You have an innovative, forward-thinking methodology at your disposal, with the help of thousands of other members of the community.

No need to look elsewhere, take advantage now and start learning (and retaining knowledge) in an exciting and new way with this great tool to enhance any learning plan.

Learning System Methodology


No doubt. Telcomhall is the place you can learn with the expert around the world

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