Boda - Best tool ever for RAN Engineers

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In our community, we try to teach you everything about Telecom and ICT. But we also help you to find the best tools that can do your job in a much better way. And when it’s free, even better. :wink:

One of these great examples is the Open Source Boda Tool, developed in community and with the project led by @Emmanuel.

Boda is one of those tools that has no equal. Who uses it, knows.

And yes, a lot of people use it. More than 50,000 telecom professionals (this was the total number of downloads to date) in the world use Boda.

Amazingly, this project stopped. There are several reasons, but the main cause was the apparent “lack of interest”, which could be seen from the lack of participation, comments / feedback.

It’s important to note that we’ve had a lot of comments that are just about asking for features. But Emmanuel practically worked alone, trying to attend to everyone… and it didn’t work out.

In any case, the project remains available.

And even if it doesn’t have updates anymore, it’s still an excellent tool that gets the job done like no other, including commercial/paid.

If you work with RAN, you can use Boda and it will make your job much easier.

An example of what many people do is download raw data from OSS (equipment where all network elements are connected) and process it, generating hundreds and even thousands of CSV files (which can be opened in Excel).

So, instead of having the data in proprietary formats and/or difficult to visualize, you have it in tabular format.

Some people go further, and use scripts - for example in Python - and manipulate these CSV files, generating results, audits, incredible reports!

If you want to know more about Boda Lite - Multivendor/Multitechnologies Network Management Tool (CM, PM and more) you can use these suggested links:

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Please, if you know any resources (article, video, etc) that you believe should be on this list, comment below, and we’ll update.

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