Nokia Netact Dump XML parser to CSV

Hello guys,

This tool will parse “Nokia Netact Dump XML file” to CSV
It can process commissioning SCF file also


  • Multi XML files process at once
  • Solve the nokia structure parameters
  • Fast: it can parse 2GB xml file will all object (include relations) within 7 minutes


Hope this help!



I tried to use the parser tool (method 1 - drag XML file & drop over .exe) with 5G XML export file (~120MB) but at the end the tool return an error:
KeyError: ‘distName’ leading to unhandled exception
Do you have any idea why is this happening?

Forgot to add:
ALL_MO is used in managedObject.txt

how to setup this tool.
Because i try to run XMLparser3.exe but nothing shown.

:roll_eyes: @hajaber , @boyan … Why don’t you use BODA? It’s also free and this last version still works Boda Lite - Multivendor/Multitechnologies Network Management Tool (CM, PM and more)

I use it, and it work perfectly. It’s very quick. (Bonus: it works also for Huawei and Ericsson, so i process all raw CM data from my network into csv files).

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Hi Rafael,
it is need an email and password, i try to use the mail and password used to access telecomhall but i failed is any way to sign-out.

Simply read. The instructions (and credentials!) are there, where you downloaded.

Thank you for the help, but it’s not working for me with Huawei 4G CFG.xml
I tried all methods (also replaced MOs with ALL_MO, also tried some MO for Huawei like “RlcPdcpParaGroup”) but it gets an empty folder without any notification error message.
could you guide if I missed anything ?

Well, it still works for me…

Even with the end of the project (Boda Lite - Multivendor/Multitechnologies Network Management Tool (CM, PM and more) - #20 by Emmanuel) the free tool works (Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson at least, i can assure - because i use).

Are you sure to follow the steps to dump raw data → Boda - Huawei CM Data (Dump)?

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hello brother, I was discussing about the XML_parser in this thread not Boda.
Boda works fine with me but I wanted if there’s another faster solution specially if I want to get only a specific MO not all MOs.

Sorry. I thought you were talking about Boda. And my opinion - it’s pretty fast. :slight_smile:

But i do understand your need, good luck. :facepunch:


That should be a good suggestion to developers, if Boda were still on the road. :wink:

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Unfortunately for me Boda shows “Dump successfully parsed” message, but produces only empty .csv files, and not for all classes - .srbts, .mnl, .eqm, .eqmr, .tnl, .nrbts, .hw
Maybe its a problem with the JAVA version - I have a rather old one (not updating it for compatibility issues with CM Editor) and Boda warned me (but still worked)?
Anybody had similar experience?

Parsing Nokia XML files!

Actually I think I found the problem (or at least one of them) in the log file:

[2021-12-15 10:18:15.341] [info] C:\NetAct xml exports\ACTUAL_EXPORT_RESULT_MRBTS7_2021-10-14_063002.xml\originals (Access is denied)
Skipping file: originals

Parsing output…C:\NetAct xml exports\ACTUAL_EXPORT_RESULT_MRBTS7_2021-10-14_063002.xml\output (Access is denied)
Skipping file: output

Thank you @boyan.

I was about to answer, trying to help, but gave up.

Because i am only a user, not developer like @leopedrini and @Emmanuel.

Thing is i know there are thousands currently using free boda (with no support / roadmap). So, @Emmanuel , any chances you deliver a paid version?

I think if the price was affordable many would buy it, to stimulate the support and evolution. What do you think?