ANR in NSA 5G not working

Hello expert could you please share the UE names which supports this feature other than Huawei brand.

Commercial UE which supports SA ANR.

Thank you

Hi , sumsung s21,s20 Mobile will support only below IEs ,
but UE reporting CGI with empty results always for LTE intra Frequency carrier .
i came to know about this IE “nr-CGI-Reporting-ENDC” but from spec this IE support only applicable while reading NR cell SIB1 CGI not LTE intra freq cell SIB1 right ?
can anyone please clarify this why UE not able to read. cgi from sib1 of LTE cells
ssb-RLM supported,
eutra-CGI-Reporting supported,
nr-CGI-Reporting supported

Hi Cesar:

What is the difference between “nr-CGI-Reporting-ENDC” and “reportCGI-NR-EN-DC-R15”? Thanks

Hi All, Should MN and SN have the same DRX Cycles for the UE to report NR CGI(with the assumption that SIB1 is broadcasting by the NR ) in NSA?

I have tested 5G Anr in our nordic network. S22, Oneplus 11, recent phone with x65 chipsets support this. Just get the Ue capability from signalling and search for Cgireporting which is given by some people above.
Regarding Sib1, first for all 5G cells u have to enable it and make sure it should not overlap with other channels type0search parameter is used for that.
Sib1 is sent in coreset0 so when Ue reports A3 or A5 then gnb checks the Pci reported
if pci is not neighbour then force Ue to report Cgi for this Pci
Ue needs to decode Sib1 to find out Cgi.
after cgi being reported , gnb adds neighbour automatically (if there is x2 defined)
then handover proceeds.
Vendors have features for automatic x2 setup but this requires Mme supports config transfer messages and engnblist entity.


We have enabled LTE ANR with 5G NSA and it is working but we do not have any idea how UE manages to acquire eCGI of 5G without any SIB1 transmission in NSA mode. Can anyone please support?

@hamedfor which vendor?

There is SIB1 in NSA 5G.

HUAWEI broadcast it.

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Huawei BTS5900

As far as I know you must define the 4G5G external neighbor otherwise ANR is useless.

4G5G external definitions will trigger X2 setup, and during X2 setup the LTE sites gets all information about 5G cells.

How can I prove there is sib1 transmission? In UE DT logs there is only MIB and no 5G SIB is visible.

We used to define neighbors manually. Now we have removed all neighbors and enabled event based ANR with 5G NSA. all external 5G neighbors were added automatically. X2 interface we did not touch. It was already there.

NSA UE will read SIB1 only when it is configured to measure NCGI during the creation of new neighbor relation


Can u please elaborate more how to activate the UE to measure ncgi is there some special parameter,

When you activate ANR and the PCI of the neighboring cell for which a particular event (for example A3, A5 etc.) has been triggered is not in the neighboring cell list of enodeb, in RRC connection reconf. message enodeb instructs the UE to measure and report nCGI of that cell to be added as new neighbor. UE reads 5G cell Sib1 and reports nCGI through cgi-info section of the NR measurement report it sends to enodeb.

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I have removed all NR neighbors of LTE site and enabled ANR with 5G NSA to inspect inter-RAT ANR mechanism between LTE and 5G NSA. based on UE DT logs, when enodeB instructs UE to report nCGI of the missing 5G neighbor, UE does not send the nCGI and keeps reporting measurements of the same NR cell until enodeB adds another SCG which is already included in neighbor cell list of LTE (there are other 5G UEs in the network and all of them can be responsible for this neighbor addition)

The only reasonable explanation is that test UE does not support NR cgi reporting. I looked into UE capability information message and only found reportCGI-NR-NoEN-DC-r15: 0

There is no sign of reportCGI-NR-EN-DC-r15 which is for NSA-DC networks. What does it mean? can experts please support?

reportCGI-NR-NoEN-DC-r15 is the required capability for ANR

I wonder why: enb know about UE capability, not support cgi reading, enb should not instruct UE to read cgi of missing cell.

Sib1 is visible in l3 during Ecgi reporting. Delete 1 neighbour and trigger ho btw 2 cells and wait for Sib1.
type0search parameter defines the position of Sib1 slot /symbol wise. Check that parameter also it is 3gpp