ANR in NSA 5G not working

our test UE did not support nCGI reporting for NSA-DC. What is type0search? would you please elaborate?

Dear @hamedfor ,

0 means supported.
Normally gnb does not force UE to report CGI reporting if it is not supporting NRGCI.
SA/NSA no difference for that feature.
For intra-freq ANR, UE needs to enter DRX while for FDD-TDD handover it requires meas gaps.
So if your UE does not decode SIB1 which is mandatory then check your DRX settings, Long drx cycle should be more than 160ms, at least.
regarding type0search parameter it is for SIB1 broadcast, it has to be delivered in symbol 0 for even ssb indexes and symbol 1 for odd ssb indexes otherwise UE will never decode them.
UE searches the SIB1 for it active SS/PBCH in 2 consecutive slots (n0 and n0+1) every 20ms (or 40ms in FR2 or FR1 60kHz) until the end of the SIB1 window or the successful SIB1 decoding.
At each SIB1 window, the HARQ process for the SIB1 is flushed and the UE restarts the SIB1 acquisition from the beginning if the SIB1 was not successfully decoded in the previous SIB1 window.
Hope it helps.
I see your problem is related with SIB1.