UE assistance information in 5G due to overheating

But its is not normal to have 4 MIMO layers than drop. The normal approach woudl be to reduce from 4 MIMO layers to 2 MIMO layers and if still overheated then drop.
Not directly from 4 mimo layers to drop.
What is thescgfailure information due to this?
There is no overheating cause in 3GPP for scgfailureinformation.

I think it is chipset constraint to operate above some threshold and auto cut-off occurs in5G modem above a thermal threshold.

Yes at 45 degrees Celsius it cuts the 5G.
Samsung S21 has this problem very annoying reported by lots of users.

Earlier in moto mod 5G had this issue as well .at that time the modem was not integrated but the issue is still there in S10+ S20 modem integrated devices as well.

I am interested in cause of scgfailureinformation to be able to distinguish this drops from real RF drops.

I think these drop cause are dependent on devices, exynos, qc and hisilicon use different ones and communicate this to Nw vendors, i believe.

There was a discussion a little while ago about these causes:

Yes, I am aware of discussion.
But what I wanted to understand is why UE does not send UE assistance information to reduce NR CA or reduce number of layers before dropping the call due to overheating.
Apple has cause t310 expiry for PCI000 for overheating.
Also why UE assistance is missing in logs.
Is it not implemented by RAN vendors and UE vendors?
Has anyone seen UE assistance information RRC messages?

@RFSpecialist “Apple has cause t310 expiry for PCI000 for overheating” → do you have some reference for this?

I have come across multiple UE OEMs , most of do not support using information element, they might trigger using radio link failure with using existing RLF cause codes, this may only clear after looking at UE OEM advirtised info. Which is not available everywhere

On your question, why they do not switch off MIMO and CA…it might not trigger from any one direction like downlink or uplink, this might need some tweaking on UE modem…

Hi experts,
Anyone knows what phones on the market are supporting UE Assistance Information in 5G?

S22 ultra 5G should, it’s the latest one.

It’s also worth to read this :point_up_2:

I think if network requested it then UE suppose to report no dependency over UE.

Smartphones Overheating on 5G

Under 5G, smartphone usage might lead to overheating!

Nice article from SmartViser showing this observed behavior in approx. 20 mins after executing data thruput test scenarios, like streaming, with different devices.

They identified 3 distinct behaviors.


Read more here:

Hi all, here is the problem that I am facing: Samsung S21+ 5G is getting overheated in NSA during tests. at around 43 degrees Celsius it cuts 5G and won’t add 5G back till temperature drops below 41 degrees.

Is there anyway to fix this? maybe an application to cool down the UE something?

How did you guys solve this problem in your network?

As per OEMs there is no solution till now.

Almost every OEM has such issues, we have seen Oppo, Samsung, Mi, Realme, One+

It seems there is an workaround (solution):

  • Keep the UE with AC and at least with Fan (to keep the UE at low temp)
  • Turn off the temp control function
    • Samsung Keyapp → *#27663368378# → STACK 1 or STACK 2 → [3]ETC → [3] COMMON → [K] NR SETTING → LPM [G] Disable - rebooting (check LPM disabled before rebooting)

But I guess UE should be rooted for this to do.

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Thanks, I will try this.

Do you know if is there a way to keep this temperature control function but top modify its threshold from 43 degrees to, say, 50 degrees?

Do you know which files we have to edit for this?

The concern here is that temp may increase so much that it could damage the phone or battery.

Once this temp control function will be off the phone may be destroyed by high temp.

This is why I think is better to edit that 43 degrees threshold into 50 degrees threshold instead of disabling NR temperature control function.

Yes, correct.

Try enabling DRX.

I am not sure how to edit this.
During my drive test experince, if Car AC is good then UE temp hardly goes beyond 40.
And without AC hardly crosses 46.