Practical example of MV-IOT

Hello Experts,
Do we have any practical example of “MV-IoT”?
Even the term is new to me…

What does MV stands for?

Multi Vendor InterOperability Tests.
For example open X2 interface where Samsung 5G works with Huawei 4G for EN-DC.

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MVV, multi vendor verification for IOT, interop tests are common across OEMs.

Is it possible 5G Samsung with 4G Huawei anchor as NSA?

There is one Operator in South Korea that does this.

So it’s doable.

Yes it’s doable, in Multiple markets there is Samsung 5G and Ericsson 4G and Nokia 4G.

In this case LTE Ericsson Nokia should be 3gpp release compliant.
Release 15.

Yes, they should be, but usually they are slow in fixing issues.
There are multiple markets in US where this inter vendor infra is deployed.

So you mean Huawei 4G and Nokia 5G can be, in case both of them are Rel15?

Yes it is must.
Otherwise 4G Nokia will not be supporting NSA signalling required over X2 and air interface.

This MVI-IOT is actually bad news for Huawei since operators are not forced anymore to purchase Huawei 5G just because they have Huawei 4G.

Do you think MV-IOT is bad?
Wait till open RAN comes in…

I am not saying is bad, I am saying that it happened.
It is bad for Huawei.
For others like Samsung it is good.

But Huawei should also support it.

Huawei kill the other vendor in 5G generation.
Ericsson, Nokia, ZTE and other start to follow Huawei.
And the 6 Generation coming fast also…

Is Samsung gaining market share in 4G/5G?
It has a very miniscule market share other than Jio in India
I don’t know how many confirmed orders in 5G it has like Nokia or Ericsson.

Samsung is confirmed 5G vendor for Telus MNOs in Canada that has 4G Huawei.

Samsung currently has good 5G deployment with Verizon.
They have good 5G features compared to N// currently.