Practical example of MV-IOT

Future with open RAN no more dominance of big Vendors we could hear that google or Facebook might be selling RAN CU DU software soon.

Since everything is going virtual it is just matter of days till open RAN makes NW deployment less expensive.
Microsoft will be in soon as they are starting to acquire 5G SW based companies.
RAN is now mix of IT Devops + 3GPP.

Totally right.

Samsung, Nokia and Ericsson embraced open RAN.
Huawei refused so far.

:+1:t2: correct

That is the future but for all the companies is not a big problem.

Means, the dominance would shift from big vendors to bigger vendors :blush:.
Motorola purposely quit RAN manufacturing business a decade ago.
Americans are so much ahead of the World.
We have discussed earlier in this group how (even) the incumbent 5G is all about software. SDN and NFV.
Open RAN is the next nail in the firmware coffin.

But no one can make RF part a software.
New technology new frequencies new rf IC new RF circuit new remote radio head.
And the best thing mobile device even without change “g” there so much scope.
Hope some day sdn and nfv can come for mobile device.

The radio front end would remain with firmware for sure.

Likewise any desktop or laptop could work as any g mobile :blush:.

But once 80% of the network equipment becomes Objects, the radio front end alone would not remain a profitable business.
It’s like RF would become a small part of the overall software solution.

Wouldn’t it be feasible to use software defined radio in order to tune a more generic transmitter?
Motorola is still making radios but it is the typical two-way radio “walkie talkie” and I think they still do p2p microwave?
For working example of SDR in cellular there is the yateBTS lab kit that runs on bladeRF software defined radio.

Motorola has moved into Public Safety 4G. All their legacy walkie-talkie projects around the globe are going to be updated to 3GPP network based communications.

Motorola Nortel and Lucent…North American vendors quit telecom manufacturing business due to a reason.

@RFSpecialist , Thanks a lot.

I was searching for IoT related and landed in this Diamond mine of “Inter Operability” discussion.
I will open a separate post on that topic of “Machine Vision - IoT”.

Machine Vision - 1

Machine Vision - 2

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All this Interoperability question/doubts is about solutions that are still using CPRI/eCPRI. In case if they adopt an “OpenRAN Standard” interface, how that will work with an existing 4G Vendor ?

What they need in their existing Infra , I believe a 3GPP Rel15 compliance is not enough.
How the RIC [ i.e. RAN Intelligent Controller] will co work ?
Is there is any known deployment for such scenario 4G vRAN/cRAN and 5G-OpenRAN ?

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