Parameters & Events in 5G Logs

Hi Experts.
I know that these reportconfigID 1 and 2 belong to carrierFreq=XXXX because the association with measObjectId.
The question is: What parameters these two A3Events (1dB and -10dB) belongs?
Is it possible to identify the parameters?
I’ve a lof of A3 parameters.

We have two types of A3.
One for intra Freq ie a3offset.
Other for inter Freq a3offsetinterfreq.
Can you check mapping with frequency is it with serving cell mapped or with inter freq.

In my opinion for -10 dB, if the NW is Huawei and UL Comp enable it could be used for UL COMP as the A3offset default value is -10 dB.
For 1 dB offset and 1 dB hysteresis it could be normal A3 for HO purpose.

OK. Great (UlCompA3Offset).

And what about these 3 A2events? How can I find the parameters?


It is the same.

I need to find the parameters for these 3 eventsA2 and 1 eventA4.

One for redirection other for inter Freq /inter rat triggered.
One of A2 must be mapped with serving Freq and other with inter Freq measobject id.
Check mapping.
Mapping is like meas id mapped to report config id mapped to meas object id.

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Will be easier to know the function if you have meas report of each id.

Great. Could you please show it? How to do?

Need to check in logs.
Check below part of log to understand better, where this report config id mapped.

I have this map.

The question is: I’ve 3 EventsA2. What parameters belongs which one?
-114 dBm / -118 dBm / -140 dBm
For -140 dBm I found (BlindHOA1A2thdRSRP).

-114 for A2 inter Freq.
-118 for wcdma.
-140 for redirection.

For inter Freq /inter rat trigger first point is A2 trigger.
Same hold good for NR as well.
Good part is that 3gpp members keep most of similarity for HO concept between LTE and NR.

I didn’t found the A4…
I got (InterFreqHoA4ThdRsrp).


A4 used for condition when target is better then predefined threshold.
So it must mapped with target Freq.
Catch part is that every vendor using A2 as trigger point for inter Freq/inter RAT HO.
But still A3/A5/B1 event can be trigger without A2 as it’s not mentioned in specs that A2 trigger is mandatory.

Yes… I didn’t for a3, b1 and a5.

Even though it is not mention, it is implicit.
A2 event is mostly use for m-gap activation, unless you create mgap, you cannot measure inter freq /inter rat cells.

I tried without A2 find no issue in UE sending MR for inter Freq.
M-gap used for inter Freq that’s true.

I am surprised, dont your system shows “Purpose” of each event system config? We cannot keep on guesing based on values.

It depends. If your test device support inter freq measurement without mgap ( typically CA devices, you can check this in UE capability) then its quit possible.

I didn´t see eventA5 to NR (Inter-Frequency).
Because of the mobile?