Parameter in gNB to control type1-Singlepanel-ri-restriction IE

Hi NR Experts,
There is one IE in codebookconfig, type1-Singlepanel-ri-restriction which value set to 0011 for one of device.
As per experts, due to this bit UE report rank 2.
In other case I find bit set to 001111 where device report rank 4.
Query is: is there any parameter in gNB to control to this IE?


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Do you see UEassistanceinformation in the log?
In this case UE is requesting to reduce number of pdsch layers to 2 so it may restrict layers to 2.
So ri-restriction = 2.

In which message can I see?

RRC UEassistanceinformation.
Only Huawei P40 Pro supports it, for now.

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Check UE capability if you see Overheatingind.
NR UE capability.

I remember in LTE I configured UE assistance info related to power capability.

Here are more details:

In a normal log there is no ri-restriction meaning it is 4:


Not able to see in logs.
I mean UE assistance info.
And overheating not there.

For overheating I checked in ue-nr capability IE related to NR.
Any other idea what can be issue here.
What limiting ri restriction to 11 ie rank 2.
Is it network restriction?
Or UE requested to limit RI?

Have you checked MIMO capabilities for that band combination?
Are you sure it is 4 and not 2?
Use cacombos for this.

Please, help to check?
It is B3+ N41.
Is it related to MIMO capability?

Which UE? I need name of UE.

OnePlus Nord.

These are all OnePlus supporting 5G there:(there is no Nord there)

Please tell for band combo like B3+ N41, i it there for other any UE.

It’s only 2 MIMO layers in n41: (I tried with oneplus 8T)

I see it’s important message here.
So it mean network restrict it.

Maybe your phone is different.
It is UE capability not network.
Need exact phone type.

Where UE indicates this band combo to network?
In which message?

This is what CACOMBOS>COM process: UE capability information NR and EUTRA