LTE site with UL Throughput greater than DL Throughput

Hello Experts,
I have one sector in LTE site with UL Throughput greater than DLThroughput.
Anyone have the same issue?
Vendor Huawei


What’s wrong with this?
It is normal when you have more concurent users in DL than in UL.

Also at concerts, events cell UL Throughput is higher than cell DL Throughput.

Does it make difference if the scenario is FDD or TDD?

No, is a new site and no user, only the Field Engineer.

Is it TDD or FDD?

It is FDD.

Usually DL throughput is low when you have PCI mod3, mod6 or mod30 issue with neighbors.
Is it everywhere or just on overlapping area with neighbors?

Usually there might be policy implemented at TX node located with site.
Usually UL/DL packet length configuration swap found.

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Check number of connected users in DL

Many cases I met that UL throughput higher than DL throughput is due to transmission problem.
Packet loss rate is high in DL, may be DL bandwidth is low or congestion, … and throughput is so sentive to TCP packet loss.
But UL traffic is small, so almost no packet loss in UL.

Hi! PRB utilization should be higher in DL than UL, and that might explain this behavior. I came across a case of a MW link that was congested in the head of the chain that brought the same effect, but UL was at least 2 times higher… you might want to check that. Good luck!

Like you should give details what’s the the cell configuration,
What’s the average UL/DL throughput and there formula’s, rrc connected used, dl/ul traffic/ prb usage. If mimo is working in downlink !