Solution fo UL very high and DL very low, RSRP very nice and SINR very poor

Hi Dear,
I have a question: in my network LTE FDD Nokia and ZTE, I have various cases where UL is very high and DL very low, RSRP very nice and SINR very poor.
The question is why UL is very high?

Normally DL and UL are not related.
You should not investigate both with respect to each other.
But tackle each one separately.

First check if different features are activated (64 qam, 256 qam, mimo, …).

Second check PRB utilization, CA, Ranking Indicator, number of simultaneous users…

Then perform parameters audit and check if the cells are overshooting, high RTWP (UL interference) check, VSWR on site.

I think that the problem is interference in DL
If you check UE TX power is good, is necessary to check server and neighbors?

The Uplink Throughput is good in comparison with the Downlink.
Even the SINR is bad.
It’s confusing…

Interesting: first time seen UL > DL throughput.
Avg UL throughput seen only 500 kbps.
Even 1 Mbps hard to achieve in LTE.

These are drive test results.
Check your sessions http, ftp, using scripts, etc do extensive DL and use separate handsets for UL/DL. Also what about DL in OSS?

You should start investigating why SINR is so poor.

I would like to know how UL is configured.

Some Charts…

Average Active User DL UL:

RRC Connected Users:

Modulation Usage:

Throughput DL UL:


PRB Usage:

You have to observe the Success also.

Check why SINR is poor.
PCI conflict or intercell interference in DL.
What’s the CQI value?

Dont have PCi conflict.

What is the configuredmaxTXpower?
If power is too high with Channelbandwidth, you may observe heavy degradation in SINR.

I have never seen such a bad sinr with such a good rsrp.
Possible explanations: too much overlaping with other cells, external interference, wrong power settings, etc…

Maybe something wrong in software/legends.
Not related to RF absolutely.
Even you are getting good tp with such SINR.
With current SINR, you should get up to 3 Mbps only.

What settings you have for A3 event: TTT and offset?
Can you also plot the RSRQ map?
Also the CQI map.



Power is 46.

Can you please check Cell Throughput in DL, not User Throughput?