Low Throughput in 5G NSA in very good radio conditions

Hi Experts,

Can someone please guide what could be the possible reasons for low TP (DL, UL) in 5G NSA in very good radio conditions?
What are the related parameters to verify ?

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Check Number of transmitted Synchronisation beams; Frame type ;DL & UL BLER percentage;Bandwidth

  1. TXM limitation.
  2. high PRB Utilization & high # of users

Hello @anil, please check this conversation: Throughput issues in NR NSA

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Hi check the BBU resource sharing parameters. If you are using FTP server to check throughput then for 5G you need to check server port speed, its very important that it should be more than 1Gbps. Collect pcap trace and check how many packet blocks been transmitted so that you can know where is the bottleneck.

Packet loss in the backhaul may be checked.

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Hi Anil,
1st need to be clear , which side that low THP , ENDC or Anchor side ?
then u can plan 2nd point need to be check … #mostly from DT tools like nemo its will be clear like how many PRB allocate, CQI rank as well PDCP …