Throughput issues in NR NSA

I’m writing types of Throughput issues seen in NR NSA

  1. Proper value of extended ambr not configured
  2. UE not reporting proper rank as per configured ssb beams due to poor SINR
  3. Frame structure not use properly with incorrect slot ratio
  4. 256qam power back off not configured
  5. tx end bottleneck for bandwidth

Any other issue please add here.

  • DL BLER on NR
  • PUCCH HARQ decode error at gNB leading to duplicate packet Transmission to UE
  • Device heating up leading to DL/UL Throttling
  • CSI-RS Reporting issue or Incorrect configuration
  • Narrow T-reordering timer causing Lots of packet discards at RLC in case of Very high throughputs
  • PDCP SN jump or PDCP SN not coming in order causing PDCP discards
  • CRC Failures at Some slots where CSI-RS/PTRS is transmitted due to Rate-matching issue

These are some of it that are top of my head