Limitation of 5G Maximum Throughput for a UE

Hi All,
Max 5G throughput for a UE is limited by those factors:

  • Max 16 CCs in NR
  • Max 1GHz of total spectrum CA (that is to say 200 Mhz in FR1 and 800 MHz in FR2)
  • Also max 4 MIMO layers in FR1 and max 2 MIMO layers in FR2.

Any other limitations that I am not aware of?

As mentioned for NR max data rate:

I know formula.
I am just interested in limiting factors apart from that page.
Like the ones I mentioned above.
For example overheating is one cause of limiting DL throughput causing drops or request fo reducing number of layers.

I’ve mentioned some Throughput steps one here: Throughput issues in NR NSA

If you assume perfect RF and all free network resources for a single user, you could only get marginal gains by using features such as pdsch on Trsb Ssb slots.

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Great. I’ve checked steps there.

Regarding step 2 (UE not reporting proper rank as per configured ssb beams due to poor SINR): do you think that rank 4 can be achieved only in good SINR?

Yes, I seen while testing in Nokia, we called it sweet point.

Would I be wrong to say that SINR and channel “orthogonality” are not necessarily maximum at the same spatial point?

I agree with you. max sinr is not related with rich multipath and orthogonality.
I think rank 4 can be obtained in low sinr values as well, I will fetch some measurements for this,ok?

In showcase site where customer dancing on your head, then rank 4 vs sinr is very important.

Yes it is but you can get rank 4 even without sinr.
Also a high sinr is no guarantee for rank 4.

How at low sinr any case study.

I am fetching some measurements, be patient, tool is compiling data.

Check this in meanwhile we discussed earlier as well for pdsch and layer theory here it comes with 2 ssb beams configured how it look.
So 2 ssb beams correspond to 4 layers = rank 4 needed to tx data on all layers.


I will just plot from a long cluster drive test rank vs sinr scatter data
Then I will provide another graph with SINR values when rank = 4.

I don’t believe those numbers.
our percentage or rank 4 is very high.
In drive test I have never seen rank 4 more than 10%.
In fact not even 5% in live network.

I your case is more than 30%.
Which is maybe from a specific cell or specific cluster or special location.

Dear this is what reality and actuality for NR.
How hard and difficult to find sweet point.

Sweet point?

So much struggle to get desired throughput.

I am talking about network wide.
Not sweet point.
Why do you talk about sweet point?

Network wide we can’t guarantee Throughput in Gbps.

As my focus is to show max throughput.