Limitation of 5G Maximum Throughput for a UE

Idea is that you can get rank 4 even when not in sweet point.

Idea is to prove that there is rank 4 even outside the high sinr area.
Rank 4 is about rich multipath.
Not about high sinr.

Ok please map sinr vs rank vs thrpt.
I’m now confused with rich multipath we done various trial even in LTE I remember for rank 4 when device just introduced then also sinr is key there, i.e. good value.

Yes but good is also 15 good is also 30.
But I can prove rank 4 even with sinr 7-8 dB.
Location is important, not sinr.

Ok, interesting.

Maybe few samples because it is large drivetest.
I mean nobody was looking for a similar point like your sweet point with high sinr.
But those points with low sinr and rank 4 exist.

Below graph proves your point @RFSpecialist.


Upper part have good SINR but RANK 1, lower part have RI4 even with lower SINR.

It’s all about finding that point. :wink:

Yes we are discussing 2 different directions.
My concern is Throughput in Gbps and your is not Throughput whatever value we get it’s ok let’s say 1 MBps

I told you, Huawei recoomends heavy downtilt on 5G to bounce from ground as well and get higher rank.

I will also show some measurements but my laptop is so slow… I need to upgrade it. :slight_smile:

With 19% rank 4 samples how much throughput you expect?

19% rank 4 is a very high precentage!
My clusters have all max 5% rank 4.

Rank2 sample 65%.
No one care initially for cluster drive main win factor is throughput.
I think your network is mature.
Then we go for scft/ cluster drive.

My friends rank4 % to be high to get high throughput that’s what I want to convey here.

Can I say that probability of getting RI4 is comparatively less, when UE is located near the antenna in LOS range, than UE located somewhere in mid coverage with many reflections?

Agree, but how to do that?
There is no golden recipe. :slight_smile:

Please check this data and calculate % :

There isn’t Golden recipe, is pure RF and multipath.
Nothing to optimize.

Sweet point it’s god gift.

This is from sweet point.
Yes it is for high throughput, I agree.
We need a special point to reach high throughput.

The key here is multipath.
LOS makes it challenging, unless surroundings are really favorable.
Slighlty blocked can be better than LOS.

Dear I struggle for 4 days to get sweet point.
So many changes in parameter, antenna height, tilt…

Agree :+1:.