How to calculate Pathloss for 5G?

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How to calculate Pathloss for 5G?

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It is ss-PBCH-BlockPower minus SSB-RSRP.

Hmm… can we see in UE logs?

I mean, any parameter readily available?

As in @Tech_Playon post: 5G NR PRACH Power Control: Open Loop Power

ss-PBCH-BlockPower is a parameter.
SSB RSRP is a measurement.

Look at UE Tx power and you will realize if excellent, medium, poor or bad coverage.

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Can you tell me higher the value of Pathloss is good or bad?

I am checking UE logs, 55 or 72 which one is better?

Both are very bad, you are too close to base station. pathloss should start from 70-80 dB higher.

The higher is path loss the more you are far away from gNodeB.

Actually UE is at 25 meters distance from gNB.

How much is measured SSB RSRP?

RSRP is around -76.

Check ss-PBCH-BlockPower from layer 3.

Resharing an old post on 5G link budget that explains path loss:


The only thing is that antenna gain in 5G is not 17 dB like in 4G but 25-27 dB or even more depending on AAU.

But otherwise it looks great.

Also, the body block loss, tree fading, rain attenuation, and snow/ice loss are introduced in 5G which was miss in 4G.

For India it hardly matters.

I agree.

However 5G FDD on n28, n1, n3 and n7 bands I have seen antennas with similar gain as legacy 4G.