5G NR PRACH Power Control: Open Loop Power

In any wireless System, when a device (UE) needs to get access it has to send a signal or preamble (MSG1) to base station (gNB), then energy is needed. One might have question, at what power it needs to send the preamble so that it is detected successfully ? The 3GPP specification, 38.213 gives the following formula about PRACH power control calculation.

Read details with Logs reference and example calculation.

In case UE is very near gnb, PL is small.
For example, UE power is Pmax =23, Pmin = -30. Prach target + PL = -40. So, (Prach target + PL) < Pmin < Pmax.
Does UE will use its Pmin for initial PRACH transmit?

If UE Tx power has minimum value, and this is still less than min (P_max, P_rach_target + PL), how is initial power?