Combination of sub-6 & mmWave

Demo: dual connectivity for standalone 5G

Test device is: MediaTek’s M80 modem.

If you read this it’s mentioned NR-DC between different Nodes.
No where mentioned for CA in NR between different Nodes.

I know it is NR-DC, not CA.
I just mentioned combination of sub6 & mmWave.
I have searched Huawei 5G feature, still not have inter-fr CA, but 3gpp already declare.

It mean CA between FR1 & FR2 is possible.

Yes but is it possible between 2 nodes.
In my view FR1 and FR2 has to be on same node.

There is simple definition.
If FR1 and FR2 belong to same node its CA.
If they belong to different node in DC.
Same aplies to LTE also. Inter site CA is nothing but LTE-DC.

There is feature in LTE CA over X2.

Yes that is DC.
Similarly NR DC will work on Xn interface.

Ok so CA = DC good catch here :+1: between different nodes.

Any idea for such feature in NR between different node for CA?

I don’t think development have reached to that level. Need to check.

But DC between different technology is not CA :smiley: its only DC.

Yes yes :grin:
It’s variant ENDC.

DC is always different technology resource aggregation and CA is always same technology aggregation be it same site or intersite. Correct?

DC can be same technology also. NR NR DC.

Oh ok, thanks.

Whenever 2 nodes are connected with Non ideal BH. It’s always DC no matter which technology.

Yes for CA it can be between FR1 and FR2 carriers but not still proven possible or not as we have FR1 and FR2 on different nodes.

DC also uses 2 separate antennas and 2 streams are/can-be totally independent (EN-DC, NR-NR DC)
CA is same antenna and streams are dependent on scheduler and resources.

There is no relation of antenna in CA.

This is technical definition of DC.

Thanks. :+1:t3:Didn’t know DC was based on backhaul.
I thought it was more to do with UEs and separate antenna technology.
I have understanding that DC is superior to CA since it needs more complex UE.
Generally networks don’t have DC and CA is being used since 3G days.

By non ideal bh.
What it means exactly for e.g. in ENDC I have same gNB/eNB node and say 10G cap bh?