After NR carrier addition in one of site, ENDC call attempts missing

Hello Experts,
After NR carrier addition in one of site, ENDC call attempts missing in L2100 but working in L1900.
This is case in few site only and suspect of missing any paramaters.
Freq reln are defined correctly.
Any one have faced or know what can be check to troubleshoot?

Have you declared L2100 anchor in Huawei?
What priority it has compared to L1900 anchor?

What’s your NR band?

It is NR600, NR2500.

UE capability for band combo support there for MRDC?

Let’s check them one by one: have you enabled NRCellalgoSwitch.NsaDcSwitch for L2100 cells?

Both are anchor in Ericsson system.

For LTE you have to check NsaDcMgmtConfig.NsaDcAlgoswitch.
For L2100 cells check it.

Do they have same anchoring prio?

This is for Huawei, my system is Ericsson.

2100 have more prio.

Check on LTE 2100 if you declared NR frequency MO.
Then check if you declared on LTE the NR external cells (PCI,TAC, NRARFCN etc).

Please check endcAllowedPlmnList should be defined for all cells.

This is ok.

Then check if you declared neighbor relations between LTE cell and NR cell.

Make sure smtc and ssb are properly configured there.

This is also OK.

Reln are fine.
L1900 and L2100 is on same baseband but ENDC attempts issue with L2100 only.

B1 threshold?

Same for both bands.

Do you see in RRC reconfig that UE in L2100 that UE is instructed to measure NR?
Or you have not reached that stage?

I have oss to check only.

Do a live trace on one UE (that you know is 5G capable like S21) on the L2100 cell that is with issue and check there.

Ok, Thanks.
Checking baseline, then we’ll try.