Advantage of increasing Time To Trigger

Hello Experts,
What is the advantage if I increase the Time To Trigger, let’s say from 100 ms to 320 ms?

Reduced ping-pongs.
But degraded throughput and possible increase in call drops.

Yes, I can see the increase in drop and mute call.
So what is the advantage?
Is there anything apart from ping pong?

You establish some sort of dominance and you improve HO SR.
In the locations without a clear best server is problematic anyway with any kind of settings.

I think continuous ping pong will be less.

But the main KPIs has degraded.

You have to fix RF plan, you can’t trick by parameters.
That means, neighbours, powers, azimuth tilts, antenna height, antenna types, etc.
Improve SINR and dominance and all KPIs will be green.
Maybe for TTT consider a tradeoff between 100 msec and 320 msec.
Keep 100 msec but increase filter coefficient.
From 6 make it 8 in LTE.

What was your objective in changing it?

Customer changed it themselves.
Don’t know why they have changed it.

For data voice?
For data it’s ok to have relaxed value like 320 ms.
For voice 100 ms ok.

In case of Voice higher TTT will increase mute calls.

But in high TTT obviously RF will have affect but our MR report for HO mainly can be less.
Prep attempts and ho decision.
In high ping pong it can be useful.
Apart from that bad case.