Advantage of increasing Time To Trigger

Yes, that’s too but with arfcn is wrongly configured that all will fail I believe.

Your’re right: it will be 100% failure rate!

But anchor priority increase or decrease? What can be impact?

What’s your B1 threshold for NR addition and what band?

At 850 it’s -110 and 2600 it’s -115.

Anchor should be coverage layer, not capacity layer.

But both bands if having ENDC then.
Like 850 and 2100, but not at 2600.
Then what should be the strategy?
850 it’s 5 MHz, 2100 it’s 15 MHz.
For ENDC B1 thresholds and anchor priority?

B1 thresholds are OK

But you need dominance in NR and clear best server.

Hi dears.

Which filterCoefficient value is best suitable for LTE 10 MHZ bandwidth?

If the value is fc4 then it mean no of average physical layer measurements are 4?