5G NSA Devices

I am able to find below info from 36.331 showing device supporting ENDC and SA.



Yes, this is in UE capabilities.
But not all 5G UEs supports SA.
SA standards R15 were closed much later than NSA standards R15.
So there are devices not supporting 5G SA.

Sorry, didn’t get why device not there for SA…

Old phones, that’s why
Will give you an example: my 5G phone, Xiaomi mix 3.
Only n78 and only NSA.
Very few band combinations with en-dc.

So old phones with X50 modems are likely not to support SA
Then there is x55, x60 and then x65.

Here are the specs for new coming x65 modem:

And here you can see that x50 does not support SA:

x55 first one to support SA:

Yes, phone development path is also from NSA to SA.

Not sure why we are in same impression…
Why same device not support NSA and SA?

Missed some of this conversation…is NSA to SA a SW upgrade or HW?

Because are old and early released. at time of release of such old phone SA specs were not closed so were not implemented.
All smartphones with x50 do not support SA.
And there are lots of them.

I already given spec reference as well new gen device now have SA and NSA both.

Do you mean network wise or phone wise?

But if Qualcomm didn’t implement it how you expect to be on the market at that date?

For handsets yes, not network.

I checked with R&D friend, as well he told me no such limitation now.

My opinion that cannot be upgraded.

x50 modem does not have NR RRC protocol layer neither SDAP protocol layer.
Now no limitation, but back then at that time there was a limittation.
So this is why we have ues that do not support SA.
All UEs with X50 modem.

Yes agree: now no limitation.

Now: which IE To check device capable of sa and nsa or SA or NSA.

sa-nr IE is missing in my UE capability for my phone.
only en-dc present.
Because it is x50 modem inside.

Yes it’s NSA only then.

@ankgitm, please check this: How to know UE supports SA or not in Network?

Thanks @sadanandk2, clear all doubt whether device in hand support SA or NSA or VoNR or not all info you can find, very important IE.

Now, I’m having One plus nord showing it can support 5G.
But I think it’s NSA only.
From phone settings we can’t check whether it is SA or NSA.
Need L3 logs to check in detail.
Processor is Snapdragon 765g

Chk sdm765specs it will show.

But it is not showing SA orNSA
X52 may be mid spec b/n x50 and x55 modem
X55 chipsets support SA for sure and X50 dont support SA for sure
X52 supports SA and NSA
Courtesy: xda forum :wink:

Mentioned 765 also:

And it depends on operator FW version OTT to visualise actual SA in your logs once deployed in network usually.
We have seen TMO holding back SA in S10+ devices with x55 modem with 600Mhz NSA only initially and later after OTA update the device started SA latching.