5G NSA Devices

Question: Lots of devices were sold on the market supporting 5G NSA ( estimation over 20 millions worldwide).

What will happen with these devices when 5G NSA will be shutdown and only 5G SA will be available?

Those devices don’t have NR RRC protocol lauer inside cannot be used for 5G SA.

I think all of them will reach recycle bin.

I guess they can be sold to countries where 5G would be in starting phase and then slowly discontinued.

Yes, probably good enough with 4G only.

I think decision of NSA shutdown will be taken by looking at NSA and SA traffic.

Step2 can help to use both NSA and SA UE:

I don’t know if any operator are looking to develop 5G SA…

You will be surprised in US is already implemented.
And many other countries are testing it.

I am speaking about step 3 when only SA will be available fro 5G.

Step 2 is like a buffer.

Why any operator will switch to SA ONLY if there is significant NSA traffic share?

I mean you pay 1000 EURO for a top notch phone that in 3-4 years does not support 5G anymore because it will be SA.

I think step 2 is too complicated, but maybe someone knows if it is implemented in US maybe?


I think device is both NSA and SA capable.

Nope, they aren’t.
They don’t have RRC NR protocol layer also SDAP layer is missing.
Maybe with a software upgrade some of them will be upgraded!?

I think so.

Many UE support both SA and NSA.

Yes for new ones.
No for old ones.

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What is the motivation to shut down NSA?

I am able to find below info from 36.331 showing device supporting ENDC and SA.



Yes, this is in UE capabilities.
But not all 5G UEs supports SA.
SA standards R15 were closed much later than NSA standards R15.
So there are devices not supporting 5G SA.

Sorry, didn’t get why device not there for SA…