Will LTE phase out with 5G evolution like 3G being vanished now?

Hi Friends, what’s your opinion?

With time will LTE technology phase out with 5G evolution like 3G totally vanish now?
I mean 5G SA pickup market.

LTE will not vanish buddy. Because 5G is more based on LTE.
It is going to last longer.
5G NSA ans SA will need a pretty long time to expand.

Yes mate hoping so till retirement age :grin:
Fade up by seeing how fast technology getting vanish till when it will continue.
It’s with telecom only in software still lot of jobs for legacy Java, C++.

Based on Ericsson latest Mobility Report, LTE is there at least 2030.
10 years are safe easily🙂.
Infact more…

We are safe then :+1:
As I’m seeing as well still lot many new IE there for LTE but still 5G hype sometime reason to think as we seen how fast 3G vanish most complicated and vast technology.

I say minimum 10 years.

Enough time to survive by seeing covid time.

I have more important question:
We RF engineers should continue our profile or should change path to testing, etc?

Good question by seeing how craze increase for Python, Big Data, AI.

Like also discussed here too: How to switch your career from a Core telecom professional to a Cloud professional

RF is shrinking more than expected.
Now AI has started overtking it.

There are many opening in market for testing. Many smalll vendors are emerging.

What I find from my experience with RF we must have multi domain knowledge at least for our field so having more chance to survive.

Features based on AI have already been shared by vendors.

Earlier very few experts use to there for feature trials and all but now operators guy capable of doing themselves just few parameter/kpi do job.

I don’t know how it is taken, but with age our learning apetite is reducing.

You can see on LinkedIn full of O-RAN related discussions, 5G free training…
It’s not seen earlier during 3G time.

Testing career has no future!
Test automation is the future, troubleshooting is a good skill to have those days.

Now it’s very much trending so I asked my query for LTE are we safe or not.

But still RF engineers in markets are very high in number, retaining jobs.

New company provide lot help for new jobs like Mavenir, Radisys, etc.