Why most of operators use to turn of CA in network?

Hi Experts.
Why most of operators use to turn of CA in network?
Usually seen with VoLTE.
Can Call drop be one of reason?

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It can be due to provision of devices / number of devices supported, layer strategies, etc… till the network gets matured.

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Any comments from CA in ENDC over SCG? Cell is it working fine for live network?
How many CC can be aggregated as of now?
As per last updated with me it’s 2CC over NR cell for FR1.
Like for LTE cell we can go up to 5CC.
For SA as well max upto 2CC.
Query for NR experts working on live.

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I heard 16, theoretically.

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16 :thinking:
FR1: 2CC
FR2: 8CC
Per sector if I’m not wrong…

Theoretically in NR we can aggregate 16 carriers max.

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Is it inter site you mean or intra in same sector?

Everything. May be intra, may be inter.

Till now in Huawei we have up to 2CC for NR and 5CC for 5CC

Usually it’s depend on the carriers contiguous or non
And CA between upper and lower band as (as PCC) is not recommended because of devices and radio resources utilization…

For 2 high band CA is working fine