When are the RRC Parameters for Beam Failure Detection sent in the RRC reconfiguration message?

I mean beam failure recovery.

Ok, my chipset is different in DSS. Maybe that can be one reason?
X50 in mmwave logs vs X55 in DSS.

No idea…
I also have a X50 UE and beam failure recovery is configured in n78.

So in X50 UE do you have any of this 2 logs?

Yes, I do have boh of them.

Oh, ok. mmWave?

n78 3.5 GHz TDD.
6 beams.

So maybe your beams >0 so BFR will be there?
But I can’t see in 8 beam mmWave. :frowning:

You need to check all messages.

RIght. I noticed it now in DSS so went back to mmWave and couldn’t find it.

The Ue need to be capable of SSB RLM :

      ssb-RLM supported

Beam failure is only for R16 UEs.
Cause of RACH should be beam failure, not t310 expiry.

How one could recognise R15, R16 supported device in a box or OEM website?

But I see this UeCP message under RRc Rel 15 for SSB RLM.

But have you seen a RACH with cause beam failure in NR?

No, I haven’t seen any beam failures yet, neither in RACH nor in PDSCH.

I have seen this. In qc device, release 15.
Again, I talk about simulated environment only…