When are the RRC Parameters for Beam Failure Detection sent in the RRC reconfiguration message?

Hi 5G Experts,
When are the RRC Parameters for Beam Failure Detection sent in the RRC reconfiguration message?

I do see it in one of many Re-config messages like below, but not all messages for 5G NR reconfig in LTE .

radioLinkMonitoringConfig setup : 
                        radioLinkMonitoringRS-Id 0,
                        purpose rlf,
                        detectionResource ssb-Index : 0

They are sent in RadioLinkMontioringSetup.
Values should not be zero.
You have a simulator there not a true network.
And is missing beamfailuredetectiontimer.
Also missingbeanfailureInstanceMaxCount.

So do you mean I need to get some message like this:

I see only the 2nd part in the log.

Yes, you should see the 2 IEs.

This is real log.

Hmm…then why it is missing?
Maybe you don’t have RLM for beams?
Only for N310, N311.

Is it part of RRC Reconfiguration message?

rlf-TimersAndConstants setup : 
                t310 ms1000,
                n310 n10,
                n311 n1,
                t311 ms3000

I have above already.

Yes, it is.

That is what I said: RLM is measing for beam failure, only for L1 failure is present (N310, N311).

But RLF is pegged in 4G & 5G.

Ok got it, It will monitor only RLF and not BF.
So here purpose mentioned as RLF.

There are 2 RLM: beam failure and layer1 failure.

Since this is low band only 1 SSBid, maybe in mmWave we might see the OPrtrs will configure for BFlre also.

We have 2 types of RLF, i.e. UE initiated or Sgnb initiated.
Other type is menb initiated.
So this beam failure come under sgnb.

I think both beam failure and layer 1 failure are triggered by UE.
Based on params from RRC reconfig.
Both trigger RACH process in uplink.

Which message will pegged after it?
Is it scg failure information?


Not able to see any reason beam failure…

Yes, for L1: it will be T310 expiry.

For beam failure…I don’t know.

Which message you seen in drive after beam failure?
Is it SCG failure information? What is cause there?

Look at L1 messages.
There you need to look.
Message browser not protocol browser.

SCG failure information is RRC message.
Sent from UE end.
We can look it content.
In window.