What is the max power GSM UE can radiate?

Hi Experts,
What is the max power GSM UE can radiate?

I think typical 2W =33 dBm but some class A can have more than that.

As per standard:


Yes in Nokia TXP1 parameter is there to increase power to 39 dBm.

But surprisingly for GSM900 is having higher than 1800?
Ideally 1800 should support higher than 900.
In LTE HPUE class 2 supports higher 26dBm for B41 which is logical.
How to check current latest mobile GSM UE power class?

No 1800 has higher penetration loss than 900 so if DL parhloss high then accordingly UL parhloss to be maintained.

That is from 21 dBm to 26 dBm.

Same logic between FDD and TDD but we have Class 2 UE in B41 (higher band) not in lower bands.

GSM900 is basic band of 2G, DCS1800 is just supplementary, like capacity expansion for 900.
Power of 1800 should be lower than 900.

What if GSM 1800 network only, no G900?

In DCS1800 lte we can save some resource for GSM1800 too if new GSM1800 carrier to be integrated.
Is this possible without buying any spectrum further for GSM1800 as bandwidth required is less in GSM band. Same can goes to further frequency too.

I have seen previously some configuration done in this way but can’t remember.
As dynamic spectrum sharing feature, but not sure.

Question is what is standalone GSM1800 network?
UE power should be higher in higher bands for eg. in LTE B41 supports class 2 26 dBm while FDD (lower band) supports class 3 (23dBm).
When there is no GSM 900 only GSM 1800 and GSM UE should support higher power so that cell radius can be higher.

Similar to LTE TDD HPUE feature.


For same reason GSM 1800 UE power should support higher power than GSM 900
But it shows reverse.

BTS 900 power is higher than 1800.
As 3GPP.
So, UE 900 power should be higher than 1800.

That’s the question.

So, 2 band are balancing.

Why it is reverse than LTE?

Because 900 is basic band for 2G.
And may be also other reason that 3GPP docs will mention.

In LTE higher band higher power while in GSM higher band, lower power.

How to check current latest mobile GSM UE power class?
How can I know OnePlus 8 supports which GSM power class, for e.g.?

GASC as termed in Ericsson.

It should be CloudAir in Huawei.

Yes we have implemented all 4 (NHEZ) supplier GL dynamic spectrum sharing.
I even tested UL spectrum sharing in Huawei.
Which didn’t gave any good results and anyway we shutdown 3G.
We also tested 4G/5G DSS for NE.