What is the formula for Cell ID (NCI) in 5G NR networks?

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Just like as seen here LTE: What is the formula for Cell ID (ECI) in LTE networks?, what is the calculations for NCI in 5G NR networks?

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NR Cell Identity (NCI) and NR Cell Global Identity (NCGI) |R15|

The NR Cell Global Identity (NCGI) shall be composed of the concatenation of the PLMN Identifier (PLMN-Id) and the NR Cell Identity (NCI) as shown in Figure 19.6A-1 and shall be globally unique:

Reproduction of 3GPP TS 23.003, Figure 19.6A-1: Structure of NR Cell Global Identity

Figure 19.6A-1: Structure of NR Cell Global Identity


The NCI shall be of fixed length of 36 bits and shall be coded using full hexadecimal representation. The exact coding of the NCI is the responsibility of each PLMN operator.For more details on NCI and NCGI, see TS 38.413.


In the 5G Core Network protocols, when the NCGI needs to be identified in the context of Standalone Non-Public Networks (SNPN), the Network Identifier (NID) of the SNPN is included as part of the NCGI Information Element (see TS 29.571); this is a protocol aspect that does not imply any change on the system-wide definition of the NCGI.

Source: https://www.tech-invite.com/3m23/toc/tinv-3gpp-23-003_v.html#e-19-6A

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But do you have rules like 5G NCI (Like LTE ECI = 256 * eNBId + Cellid)?

You can use calculation for gnb I’d here https://nrcalculator.firebaseapp.com/nrgnbidcalc.html

The text describes how the calculation is done.