eNodeB ID length and determination of dNode ID

Dear all,

First of all, I am new to this topic, so please don’t mind me if my questions are somehow a repeatition from previous topics.

I have questions regarding LTE and NR.

  • LTE:
    ECI (28 bits) can be divided in eNodeB ID (20 bits) and cell ID (8 bits). However, there are cases where eNodeB ID can have 28 bits. This is the case when a femtocell or small cell is used that only includes home eNode B. Is this statement correct? Are there any other cases where eNodeB ID has a length of 28 bits?

  • NR:
    What is the formula for Cell ID (NCI) in 5G NR networks? - 5G NR - telecomHall Forum
    From this link, I can conclude that it is not possible to determine gNode ID and cell ID from only NCI, since their lengths can vary (e.g. cell ID length can vary between 4-14 bits). Is my statement correct?

Thank you in advanced!